Stooge Updates February 2018 |
Thank you!
The Stooge family wants to thank you all for joining our journey. We’re growing quickly and have already reached 148 events this year thanks to all of you. We love working with all of you and so grateful to have such awesome customers!
Introducing Stooge Magazine
Stoogemag, a magazine created by Stooge, featuring unique events, inspiring stories, groundbreaking ideas, and tips for your next event. Our next release is on March 21, 2018.

We are giving all of the event organizers a chance to promote and highlight their events and festivals in the magazine - at no cost and on a first come, first serve basis. Deadline to submit your events are on March 5th, 2018.
Plantastic Events
A big thanks to all our guest speakers from January 15 to February 15: Suleman Punjani, Sadiq Punjani, Dave Huffman, Shiva Turlapati, and James Byndon!

Topics include: comedy events, dance competitions, festivals, parades, search engine marketing, and search engine optimization.

Come join us, listen, and subscribe on Stooge, Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher, Soundcloud, Google Play, Player.FM and YouTube!

Look out for upcoming topics:
  1. How to become a better and more confident public speaker
  2. Improve your outdoor and indoor event security
  3. Tips on planning the perfect beer festival
  4. How non-profit events raise awareness for a cause
  5. How to relieve stress when coordinating and planning events
Create On Stooge
We want to make events and festivals fun for event organizers. No matter what type of event or festival you are creating, Stooge makes it simple and easy to connect with your vendors, sponsors, audience, volunteers, performers, and venue.
Come Find Us
We’re attending the 2018 annual Southeast Festivals & Events Association conference. If you want to get to know us, come find us and we’d be happy to network!
Product Updates
  • We launched a new wizard to help you create your events! It’s so simple. We focus on how to make your lives a little bit easier.
  • Vendors and sponsors can create their business profile now so they can quickly apply.
  • We just launched a new magazine to help you promote your events.
  • You can now add more widgets to your festival site for quick application and ticket purchase.
  • A new user profile can help you understand, connect, and verify your audience.