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Durham's Many International Communities

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Hosted by Sister Cities of Durham

Jan 25 9:00 am - Dec 31 12:00 pm
(GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)

Here you can discover the many nations that are represented in Durham with restaurants and other businesses. Durham is a thriving international community and also has other international groups who enrich our city.

• Is mostly in the southern half of South America, as the world’s eighth largest country. • The diverse geography includes deserts, plains, tundra, tall mountains, thousands of miles of ocean shorelines • Home of the famous Tango Dancing. See below for Tango lessons on the videos • Favorite food -- Empanadas. Favorite sport – soccer. • Famous cities such as Buenos Aires • Geography ranges from ocean beaches, mountain waterfalls, and amazing mountain ranges • Durham Restaurant, Makus Empanadas, specializes in Empanadas • Here are videos to introduce you to Argentina, and videos teaching you how to do the Tango
A South American country founded by Portugal, and features famous cities such as Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, and famous beaches.
• The second largest country in the world in area. • There are 10 provinces and 3 territories stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific and into the Artic Ocean • Canada has been described by some as a model multicultural society. • For some Canadians in Durham, a favorite province is Nova Scotia • Here are videos to introduce you to Canada
• An African nation which is the most populous landlocked country in the world • Ethiopia has a long history relating to the origins of humans, ancient kingdoms, and beautiful mountain ranges. • Enjoy a taste of Ethiopia at Durham’s Ethiopian Restaurant: Goorsha • Here are videos to introduce you to Ethiopia
• This European country has a great array of medieval villages, beautiful castles, cathedrals, and the Loire Valley. • And of course Paris, the “city of light”, with its many famous landmarks and museums. • Enjoy the French experience at one of Durham’s Restaurants featuring French cuisine: Vin Rouge, Rue Cler • Here are videos to introduce you to France
• Home of medieval villages, modern cities, famous museums, the Rhine river • Famous cities such as Berlin, Munich • Experience Germany in Durham by sampling the German dishes at Durham’s German restaurant: Guglhupf. Here are videos to introduce you to Germany.
• Central America nation • Home of the Mayan Indian Civilization, as reflected in the many Mayan dialects • Durham’s Guatemala Restaurant, El Chapin, serves authentic Guatemalan food. • Here are videos to introduce you to Guatemala
• A Central America Nation, with 3/4s of the land area being mountainous. • Their history includes sharing in the Mayan culture of Central America • You can sample Honduras dishes at Durham’s La Cacerola Restaurant • Here are videos to introduce you to Honduras
• Located in South Asia • Worldwide, they are the most populous democracy, and second largest population with thousands of ethnic groups. • India has three of the most populous cities in the world: Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata • Sample the India experience at Durham’s India Restaurants: Sitar; Viceroy; Indian Monsoon • Here are videos to introduce you to India
A popular place to visit -- historic and romantic • Famous cities such as Rome, Milan, Venice, Florence, Naples • The Italian Alps dominate the north • Home of the Italian Renaissance of Michelangelo and other famous artists • Here is a sampling of Durham’s restaurants for an Italian experience: Maggiano’s; Melo Trattoria; Toast; Gocciolina; Pulcinella’s; Parizade; Bocci Trattoria; Carrabba’s; Cucciolo Osteria; Bel Gusto; Italian Pizzeria; Trattoria Salve; Pizzeria Toro; Serena Sicilian.
• East African Nation • Famous vast wildlife preserves, scenic landscapes, beautiful beaches on the Indian Ocean and Masai warriors. • Durham’s Restaurant, Africa International, will introduce you to dishes of East Africa, and especially Kenya • Here are videos to introduce you to Kenya
• Nicaragua is a Central America country known as the “land of lakes and volcanoes”. • It is represented in Durham by the non-profit “Sister Communities of San Ramon”. They focus on: -- Education and School partnerships -- Fair Trade products, especially Coffee -- Ecotourism • Here are videos to introduce you to Nicaragua and Sister Communities of San Ramon
• This West Africa nation is the most populous country in Africa with over 250 ethnic groups • Home of ancient kingdoms in West Africa • Has strong ties with Durham at these stores: African Land Products, Exotique Boutique
• Peru is in western part of South America and is a tropical country. • Home of the Incas, one of the oldest Native Indian Civilizations The ruins of Macchu Picchu illustrate this. • You can enjoy authentic Peruvian foods at these Durham Restaurants: Alpaca; Mi Peru; Luna • Here are videos to introduce you to Peru
• A nation on the southwest coast of Africa • It has a tropical climate, with a diverse environment including savannas and rain forests. • You can go shopping for foods representing Sierra Leone and West Africa at Durham’s Leone International Foods Market • Here are videos to introduce you to Sierra Leone
• This East Asian nation is very mountainous • Half of their population of 51 million live in the Seoul capital area, which is the fourth largest metropolitan economy in the world • Experience Asian dishes, and especially Korean food, at Durham’s Restaurants: M Kokko, Itaewon Grill • Here are videos to introduce you to South Korea
• A country in Southeast Asia. • Noted for lush jungles and beautiful beaches • Travel descriptions of Thailand describe it as a “food-obsessed” country, which is seen in Durham with these restaurants in Durham serving Thai food: Thai at Main Street, Bua Thai, Pad Thai, Thai Café, Thai 55; Vine Sushi and Thai • Here are the videos to introduce you to Thailand
• This Southeast Asian nation has jungles and monsoon forests which provide a diverse ecosystem with amazing wildlife. • The country has rebuilt after the devastation of the years of the Vietnam War • These Durham Restaurants will provide you an introduction to Vietnamese dishes: Bahn’s Cuisine; Pho and Poke House; Saigon Grill; Akashi • Here are the videos to introduce you to Viet Nam
• African nation located in southern part of Africa, and is noted for its beautiful natural scenery, and history of earlier kingdoms • You can have the Zimbabwe experience at the only Zimbabwean restaurant in the USA at Durham’s Zimbabwe Restaurant, Zweli’s. • Here are the videos to introduce you to Zimbabwe
Durham's International Restaurants
Durham has over 100 international restaurants representing over 25 countries. Here are some of those restaurants, where you can enjoy the food of those respective countries.

Hosted by Sister Cities of Durham

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