Durham's Other 18 International Connections

event Oct 17 9:00 am - Nov 30 10:00 pm
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Oct 17 9:00 am - Nov 30 10:00 pm
(GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)

Here you can discover the other 18 nations that are represented in Durham with restaurants and other businesses. Durham is a thriving international community and also has other international groups who enrich our city.

• Is mostly in the southern half of South America, as the world’s eighth largest country. • The diverse geography includes deserts, plains, tundra, tall mountains, thousands of miles of ocean shorelines • Home of the famous Tango Dancing. See below for Tango lessons on the videos • Favorite food -- Empanadas. Favorite sport – soccer. • Famous cities such as Buenos Aires • Geography ranges from ocean beaches, mountain waterfalls, and amazing mountain ranges • Durham Restaurant, Makus Empanadas, specializes in Empanadas • Here are videos to introduce you to Argentina, and videos teaching you how to do the Tango
• The second largest country in the world in area. • There are 10 provinces and 3 territories stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific and into the Artic Ocean • Canada has been described by some as a model multicultural society. • For some Canadians in Durham, a favorite province is Nova Scotia • Here are videos to introduce you to Canada
• An African nation which is the most populous landlocked country in the world • Ethiopia has a long history relating to the origins of humans, ancient kingdoms, and beautiful mountain ranges. • Enjoy a taste of Ethiopia at Durham’s Ethiopian Restaurant: Goorsha • Here are videos to introduce you to Ethiopia
• This European country has a great array of medieval villages, beautiful castles, cathedrals, and the Loire Valley. • And of course Paris, the “city of light”, with its many famous landmarks and museums. • Enjoy the French experience at one of Durham’s Restaurants featuring French cuisine: Vin Rouge, Rue Cler • Here are videos to introduce you to France
• Home of medieval villages, modern cities, famous museums, the Rhine river • Famous cities such as Berlin, Munich • Experience Germany in Durham by sampling the German dishes at Durham’s German restaurant: Guglhupf. Here are videos to introduce you to Germany.
• Central America nation • Home of the Mayan Indian Civilization, as reflected in the many Mayan dialects • Durham’s Guatemala Restaurant, El Chapin, serves authentic Guatemalan food. • Here are videos to introduce you to Guatemala
• A Central America Nation, with 3/4s of the land area being mountainous. • Their history includes sharing in the Mayan culture of Central America • You can sample Honduras dishes at Durham’s La Cacerola Restaurant • Here are videos to introduce you to Honduras
• Located in South Asia • Worldwide, they are the most populous democracy, and second largest population with thousands of ethnic groups. • India has three of the most populous cities in the world: Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata • Sample the India experience at Durham’s India Restaurants: Sitar; Viceroy; Indian Monsoon • Here are videos to introduce you to India
A popular place to visit -- historic and romantic • Famous cities such as Rome, Milan, Venice, Florence, Naples • The Italian Alps dominate the north • Home of the Italian Renaissance of Michelangelo and other famous artists • Here is a sampling of Durham’s restaurants for an Italian experience: Maggiano’s; Melo Trattoria; Toast; Gocciolina; Pulcinella’s; Parizade; Bocci Trattoria; Carrabba’s; Cucciolo Osteria; Bel Gusto; Italian Pizzeria; Trattoria Salve; Pizzeria Toro; Serena Sicilian.
• East African Nation • Famous vast wildlife preserves, scenic landscapes, beautiful beaches on the Indian Ocean and Masai warriors. • Durham’s Restaurant, Africa International, will introduce you to dishes of East Africa, and especially Kenya • Here are videos to introduce you to Kenya
• Nicaragua is a Central America country known as the “land of lakes and volcanoes”. • It is represented in Durham by the non-profit “Sister Communities of San Ramon”. They focus on: -- Education and School partnerships -- Fair Trade products, especially Coffee -- Ecotourism • Here are videos to introduce you to Nicaragua and Sister Communities of San Ramon
• This West Africa nation is the most populous country in Africa with over 250 ethnic groups • Home of ancient kingdoms in West Africa • Has strong ties with Durham at these stores: African Land Products, Exotique Boutique
• Peru is in western part of South America and is a tropical country. • Home of the Incas, one of the oldest Native Indian Civilizations The ruins of Macchu Picchu illustrate this. • You can enjoy authentic Peruvian foods at these Durham Restaurants: Alpaca; Mi Peru; Luna • Here are videos to introduce you to Peru
• A nation on the southwest coast of Africa • It has a tropical climate, with a diverse environment including savannas and rain forests. • You can go shopping for foods representing Sierra Leone and West Africa at Durham’s Leone International Foods Market • Here are videos to introduce you to Sierra Leone
• This East Asian nation is very mountainous • Half of their population of 51 million live in the Seoul capital area, which is the fourth largest metropolitan economy in the world • Experience Asian dishes, and especially Korean food, at Durham’s Restaurants: M Kokko, Itaewon Grill • Here are videos to introduce you to South Korea
• A country in Southeast Asia. • Noted for lush jungles and beautiful beaches • Travel descriptions of Thailand describe it as a “food-obsessed” country, which is seen in Durham with these restaurants in Durham serving Thai food: Thai at Main Street, Bua Thai, Pad Thai, Thai Café, Thai 55; Vine Sushi and Thai • Here are the videos to introduce you to Thailand
• This Southeast Asian nation has jungles and monsoon forests which provide a diverse ecosystem with amazing wildlife. • The country has rebuilt after the devastation of the years of the Vietnam War • These Durham Restaurants will provide you an introduction to Vietnamese dishes: Bahn’s Cuisine; Pho and Poke House; Saigon Grill; Akashi • Here are the videos to introduce you to Viet Nam
• African nation located in southern part of Africa, and is noted for its beautiful natural scenery, and history of earlier kingdoms • You can have the Zimbabwe experience at the only Zimbabwean restaurant in the USA at Durham’s Zimbabwe Restaurant, Zweli’s. • Here are the videos to introduce you to Zimbabwe

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