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In the Wake of Giants, Onaping Falls Ontario In the Wake of Giants, Onaping Falls Ontario

In the Wake of Giants, Onaping Falls Ontario

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Framed oil painting on canvas. The frame is solid basswood with a dark brown finish; however the frame can be swapped for various color options to suit your preference. Contact me for details. Free shipping or in-person delivery in Canada with all taxes included. AY Jackson of the Group of Seven painted this location in 1953 and I was thrilled to visit the site 66 years later and be inspired by what he saw. The iron rich rocks gleam in the sun and contrast with the cool rushing waterfall. The vibrant autumn colors delight the eye and showcase the beauty of Ontario trees.

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I have lived in three provinces across Canada and love to celebrate the amazing diversity and beauty of my backyard. I grew up in Calgary and drew inspiration from the towering mountains and crystal lakes. I moved to Victoria and received a degree in Earth Science from the University of Victoria. My studies gave me an appreciation for the complexity of how the landscape is formed. After graduating in 2009, I moved back to Calgary to start my career as a geologist. I enjoyed my career but felt as though I was meant for another path, and in 2017 I decided to seek other options. A career change was the push I needed to pursue painting as a full-time profession. I was fortunate to gain the mentorship of accomplished western artist Doug Levitt. In 2019, I moved to Toronto with my husband and have immersed myself in Ontario’s lush landscape. I strive to push my skill set through continual study of master painters and attending workshops. I let Mother Nature guide me in painting, because she ultimately designed the most beautiful landscape and I’m honored to translate it.

Heather Munsie Art

When I’m in nature I strive to absorb the experience and be present in the moment. It’s the little things that amaze me - like the glowing ochre tinge on a tree or the deep rust color of water when the light is right. I stop and take in these small details so that I can translate them in paint. I work to build a visual memory by painting outdoors and taking photos. I use these prompts in the studio to develop paintings to transport the viewer into the scene. Our visual memory brings us feelings of being immersed in nature. The feeling of being small and yet so connected is what I strive to bring to each of my paintings.


In the Wake of Giants, Onaping Falls Ontario
In the Wake of Giants, Onaping Falls Ontario
Heather Munsie Art
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