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Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Set Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Set

Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Set

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Show them who is the real Mother (or Father!) of Dragons with this miniature Game of Thrones Dragon Eggs! This set comes with 3 eggs, representing Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion, the dragons of Daenerys Targaryen herself. - Handmade and hand-painted, each is 1.5 inches tall - Comes with Treasure Chest pictured - Sealed with a triple thick gloss glaze for protection against minor handling and scratches. ******** CARE INSTRUCTIONS AND DISCLAIMER - While sealed and protected from basic handling and the elements, this is still a hand-painted piece that is subject to breakage with excessive handling ( ie: picking at scales, hard scratching, hard squeezing) and is liable to chip with significant falls on hard surfaces. - This is meant for display and for occasional handling, as well as avoidance of excessive elements (extended UV, water, etc) to ensure its longest lifespan. - Due to the hand-painted process, some minor imperfections may occur. This is a work of art after all! - Chests are not handmade by me, and are made to look distressed and worn in. Some minor cosmetic differences will apply to each chest.

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Phunky Paradox

Phunky Paradox specializes in the world of miniature. The majority of her acrylic painting canvas work is all under 3 inches! You'll find themes in mainly fantasy, landscape, space, animals, some fanart, and so much more. Other mini delights include handmade and hand painted Dragon Eggs, as well as mini prints, and assorted stickers; all from prior paintings I've done.


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Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Set
Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Set
Phunky Paradox
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