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Evy Benita (Mermaids) Evy Benita (Mermaids)

Evy Benita (Mermaids)

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Evy Benita resides in the U.K. and is possibly the most prolific pin designer we have ever seen. Much of what we are showing you here is from her Mermaids Of The Earth and Cosmic Sea series. The mermaids each have one or more side kicks that compliment them, sold separately or as a set. We also have her Wonderland and Winter lines, along with her Woodland designs, which have dangly tails. All of these are based off of real animals, many of which are endangered. These premium pins fall outside of our regular pricing structure. These remain $15.00 with no discounts due to size and details.

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Evy Benita (Mermaids)
Evy Benita (Mermaids)
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