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Pokemon Kalos Region 8 Piece Gym Leader Badge Set Pokemon Kalos Region 8 Piece Gym Leader Badge Set

Pokemon Kalos Region 8 Piece Gym Leader Badge Set

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This 8 piece set depicts the badges you receive after you defeat each of the gym leaders in the Kalos Region. **They are larger than the basic badges of all other sets due to their decor and complex designs. They were made to match the dimensions shown by X and Y in itself.** These pin badges are laser carved, cut out of lightweight reflective acrylic (plastic), hand assembled and are ready to be worn and displayed! You will receive 8 badges in a cotton filled, white gift box. Perfect for gift giving! Each badge has a tie tack pin backing. Below are descriptions of each badge, followed by their measurements given in a height and width format. * The Bug badge is a light bronze with two light green smooth gems adhered to the surface with light green added to the top. 1.5"(H)x1"(W) * The Cliff badge is multilayered. The last image shows the dimension and depth the layering gives. It is cut from silver, light and dark bronze. 1.75"x1" * The Rumble badge is a cut from metallic silver, metallic gold and orange. 1"x1.5" * The Plant badge is cut from gold and light green. There is a small clear, glass dew drop on the leaf. 1.25"x1" * The Voltage badge is cut from metallic gold and yellow. Engraved with design. 1.8"x1.5" * The Fairy badge is cut from gold, iridescent and pink. A pink pearl oval gem is inlayed in the middle. 2.25"x0.5" * The Psychic badge is cut from gold with purple pieces inlayed. It is adorned with dark purple faux pearls. 1.5"x1.5" * The Iceberg badge is cut from metallic gold, gold, light blue and neutral blue. It is jeweled with 6 faceted teardrop gems around the sides. 1.75"x1.5"

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Length/Depth: 0.15 in
Width: 1.75 in
Height: 1.75 in


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Pokemon Kalos Region 8 Piece Gym Leader Badge Set
Pokemon Kalos Region 8 Piece Gym Leader Badge Set
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