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Terri really loves people and really loves butterflies so that makes her the perfect social butterfly.

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AT Haynes House Yarns

AT Haynes House Yarns,, is a company born out of family, community and fun. The brainchild of Terri J. Haynes, AT Haynes House Yarns is home to vibrant colorways and innovative projects bags and more. AT Haynes House Yarns is a Black woman owned business operating out of Fort Washington, MD near the nation’s capital. Terri J. Haynes, a native Baltimorean, has always had a wide creative streak. A published author and graphic artist, Terri has been knitting from childhood and crocheting since her early adulthood. There are few crafts that she doesn’t like. She has tried her hand at beading, bookbinding, and cross-stitch. Family is very important to her and she strives to make colorways and products that make customers feel welcome and a part of the family. All of the colorways at AT Haynes House Yarns is based off the Haynes household.


Social Butterfly
Social Butterfly
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