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Mini Etched Brass AZ Scope in box - Christie - 100-8502 Mini Etched Brass AZ Scope in box - Christie - 100-8502

Mini Etched Brass AZ Scope in box - Christie - 100-8502

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This little brass kaleidoscope is intricately etched using the Edinburgh etching process. Southwest theme in honor of the 2019 Brewster Kaleidoscope EXPO in Arizona in 2019. Design includes a cactus and a steer skull. It has a 3 mirror system, a non-turning end, and an oil-filled object cell. It comes in an exquisite little carved wooden box. The kaleidoscope measures 2" x 3/4" in diameter and the box is 3.25" x 2" x 2".

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Emily and her husband, Jim, have been coming to Dragoncon for many years. They like to cosplay as Sam and Rosie Gamgee, Madeye Moody and Prof. McGonagall, (Mature) Han and Leia, and 7th Dr. Who and the Tardis. Emily loves kaleidoscopes and together with her sister, Ginger, manages her family's Kaleidoscope Shop.

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Mini Etched Brass AZ Scope in box - Christie - 100-8502
Mini Etched Brass AZ Scope in box - Christie - 100-8502
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