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Trying To Decide Trying To Decide

Trying To Decide

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CAD 375
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Acrylic on canvas. This piece is sold in a white gallery style floating frame with all necessary hardware attached - making it ready to install immediately upon arrival.

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CAD 375.00

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Length/Depth: 1.5 in
Width: 16 in
Height: 12 in
Length/Depth: 5 in
Width: 20 in
Height: 16 in


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Curbside pickup or delivery is available within the GTA. Please feel free to contact me directly for more information at lukels4art@gmail.com.

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No refund or returns allowed on this purchase.
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Employing the use of structured hard-lined colour fields, I aim to create work that evokes a sense of calm and peace of mind with the viewer. It's the stillness of the work that offers a private meditative moment to those who engage with it. A moment that's often needed to work through: a difficult decision, some unresolved feelings or a memory that may still weight heavily on you. The chosen titles speak to my personal experiences that have led to the creation of each piece. However, the viewer is always encouraged to put aside applying my experiences and instead apply their own unique story to the generally universally understood events.

LLS art

I aim to create pieces that evoke a sense of calm, balance, peace, and order. Standing before them, and taking the time to engage with the work, I hope becomes as meditative of an experience for the viewer as it is for me when creating the work. Certainly, this is my primary goal. Providing brief moments of escape and reflection for those who slow down long enough to allow for the experience. If I'm able to provide you with a readily available focal point, one that you can turn towards when needing to rebalance your yourself, I would then consider the piece to be successful.


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Trying To Decide
Trying To Decide
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