5x7 Print - 'Free Animal' - Eventeny
Anna Lyle Anna Lyle
5x7 Print - 'Free Animal' 5x7 Print - 'Free Animal'

5x7 Print - 'Free Animal'

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Limited edition 5"x7" print of the original painting, 'Free Animal'. Signed by artist on front and back. Printed on thick professional cardstock print paper Frame not included.

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Length/Depth: 7 in
Width: 5 in
Height: 0 in
Length/Depth: 10 in
Width: 8 in
Height: 2 in


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Anna Lyle

Anna Lyle is a contemporary narrative artist from Birmingham, Alabama, but currently living and working in St. Paul, MN. After receiving her Bachelor of Architecture from Mississippi State University, Anna moved back to Birmingham to pursue her career as an artist. Anna is mostly self-taught, working in oil paint as her medium. Starting this fall, she will be continuing her arts education and obtain her MFA in Visual Arts at Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD). Her work has been exhibited in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Missouri, California, New York and London. ------------ You can follow Anna on social media to stay up-to-date: Instagram: @annalyleart TikTok: @annalyleart Facebook: Anna Lyle Art Website: www.annalyle.com


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5x7 Print - 'Free Animal'
5x7 Print - 'Free Animal'
Anna Lyle

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