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"Anna's Stool" Walnut Crest Rail / Red Oak "Anna's Stool" Walnut Crest Rail / Red Oak

"Anna's Stool" Walnut Crest Rail / Red Oak

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Anna's Stool, is my brand new design for a Counter top/ tall table top height use. These are Commission Stools, I make them per your order, Price as shown is each for 1 to 3 stools. The Seat Height is approx 25 1/2" and are designed for standard counter top / tall table top height of 36-37 inches. Designed with an American Walnut Curved Whale tail ,back support. Structure is Red Oak. Photos show Natural red oak. If stain is desired add 39.00 extra ea to cost. If more than 3 are ordered message me with the amount needed and i will price them for you, you will get a break on price if ordering more than 3 . These are much more comfortable than backless stools as the back support gives your back a chance to rest while at the dinner table for longer time periods. Also the seats are deep scooped 5/8" deep and sculpted for great comfort. the Foot Rest is very comfortable and is designed farther forward to relax your legs for more comfort. All the Best, Dennis. PS: contact me if you would like to talk more about , Anna's Stool.

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Length/Depth: 21.5 in
Width: 16.12 in
Height: 35.5 in
Length/Depth: 42 in
Width: 22 in
Height: 37 in


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These will ship by Fedex or UPS, and each stool is put into its own box so shipping is 79.00 each. All the Best Dennis. PS: Message or call me with questions.

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Exceptions may apply. Please message Dennis Paul for more information.

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Dennis Paul Peterson

Hello, I have been designing and making my furniture for over 30 years. I have built Furniture for the "Chief Executive Office of the White House in Washington DC, the World Bank, and the Smithsonian Institute. I Design and Build my Furniture, with Heart , Mind, and Soul, Its the "Design Soul" that brings everything together, without that the work is just another object. Does the piece you you are making Inspire? Does it Stir your Emotion.? Does it's Strength instill Confidence.? The Craftsmanship should be self evident, to Touch, to feel, to enjoy the texture and fineness of each work is the goal. These are Qualities I am looking for when I am designing and Making, And if they are present, then I have been successful in the making. I would love to make something for you. All the Best to each one of you, Dennis Paul Peterson


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"Anna's Stool" Walnut Crest Rail / Red Oak
"Anna's Stool" Walnut Crest Rail / Red Oak
Dennis Paul Peterson
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