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Frans Fun Flowers Frans Fun Flowers
Hand-cut paper roses arrangement in Lady Vase Hand-cut paper roses arrangement in Lady Vase

Hand-cut paper roses arrangement in Lady Vase

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handcut paper roses in lady vase

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Length/Depth: 12 in
Width: 9 in
Height: 12 in


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Frans Fun Flowers

I love to hand-craft truly original and personal items! I create paper flower bouquets and arrangements from repurposed books and sheet music. I hand-cut every petal with scissors and center them with buttons. I also use old book covers to make journals, earrings, and pins. To me hand-cutting is the true essence of the craft and enables me to pull out and include every part of the story, and every character, and I use different cuts, buttons and backing card to make every item is truly unique! I repurpose the remaining book covers into special journals, with 100 sheets (200 pages) of 24lb plain white paper, perfect for sketching and writing on both sides. I can also make ‘full book journals’ including the complete story. Any book covers that are too damaged to use for journals are repurposed as the center of miniature book earrings. The earrings are double-sided – showing both the front and back cover of the book. I also make pins using the same technique - all created lovingly by hand! I love the endless possibilities that exist, whether it is a favorite story that you read as a child, the song you first danced to at your wedding, or just a passion for something that you love being presented in a unique way.


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Hand-cut paper roses arrangement in Lady Vase
Hand-cut paper roses arrangement in Lady Vase
Frans Fun Flowers

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