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Husband and wife team! We contrive animal sculptures from scrap metal. Josh has been creating since he was a child, he just sees what can be and digs in! Along the way he met Tiffany, fell in love and started teaching her how to "see"... + More

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Deep Sea Angler Fish
Scrap Metal Chameleon Sculpture
Found Metal Octopus Sculpture
Scrap Metal Moose Sculpture
Kitty Metal Sculpture
Spider with web sculpture
Running Hare
Scrap Metal Frog
Scrap Metal Seahorse Sculpture - Metal Seahorse - Hippocampus - Seahorse
Scrap Metal T-Rex Sculpture - Dinosaur Sculpture - Tyrannosaurus
Scrap Metal Hummingbird Sculpture - Spoon Bird
Owl Sculpture - Scrap Metal Owl - Strigiformes
Metal Dog Sculpture, Wiener Dog/ Dachshund
Turtle Sea Turtle Spoon Turtle
Kitty - Cat - Kitten Sculpture
Unicorn Sculpture
Armadillo Sculpture Armadillo Art Scrap Metal Armadillo
Branch Owl - Scrap Metal Owl Sculpture Spoon Owl Silverware Art
Metal Chicken Sculpture - Tea Pot
Moo Cow Sculpture - Scrap Metal Moo Sculpture - Metal Cow - Longhorn - Texas Active
Baby Goat - Scrap Metal goat Sculpture Ram- Goat - Sheep
Metal Crab Sculpture Crab - Cancer - Scrap Metal Crab Active
Scrap Metal Horse Sculpture - Metal Horse
Flying Pig Sculpture - When Pigs Fly
Metal Dog Sculpture, Basset Hound
Scrap Metal Angler Fish - Lantern fish - Deep Sea Angler Fish - Upcycled, repurposed
Scrap Metal Angler Fish - Lantern fish - Deep Sea Angler Fish - Upcycled, repurposed Stock#4
Scrap Metal Lizard sculpture
Bottle Opener Fish Sculpture - Scrap Metal Art - Spoon Fish #7
Metal Garden Fairy - Scrap Metal Fairy - Pixie
Dancer Sculpture - Scrap Metal Dancer - Ballerina
Scrap Metal Bird Sculpture - Bird in Flight
Scrap Metal Woodpecker Sculpture - Pileated woodpecker
Scrap Metal Dog Sculpture, Dog Art! Dog Sculpture - Dog statue Mans best friend Stock#54
Tiny Scrap Metal Dog Sculpture, Dog Art! Dog Sculpture - Mans best friend- Heart Tail Miniature Dog Stock#31
Parrot Sculpture
Scrap Metal Pelican Sculpture - Spoon Pelican
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