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Webinar Series: Managing Volunteers on Eventeny

in SNELLVILLE, United States
Jun 08, 2021

Webinar Series: Managing Volunteers on Eventeny


Speaker: Nausheen Punjani Speaker Bio: Nausheen is the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Eventeny. After graduating from Boston University with a master's in Biostatistics, she gained 8+ years of experience in sales management and statistical analysis. She also has backend development and UI/UX experience. Prior to founding Eventeny, she worked for American Cancer Society, Piedmont Hospital, and various CDC projects. The following are notes from the Eventeny Webinar Series and the full recording can be found below. -Help bring in your volunteers, get them to apply, set their schedules, create groups and team leads. -Login and create a new event. (be sure to watch the webinar recording if you need a visual aid). -You can copy an existing event, or create a brand new event. -Copy: you can decide what elements you want to copy (for example, applications, questions, maps, etc.). -Brand new: no elements will be copied and a wizard will walk you through the basics. -Under event info, there are tutorial videos to guide you through various features. -You can also copy individual applications by going into a specific existing event to copy. -You may also create a brand new application for volunteers. -2 types of applications: public and private visibility options. -Private: only will have access to it if they have link -Public: everyone has access to it -Under the application, fill out: title, minimum age (if they're under 13, try getting their parents to fill out the application), application deadline, visibility, t-shirt option and size, location. -You can add documents that you would like volunteers to have access to. -You may add questions and we have some questions listed already. -You may decide if you want the questions to be required using the toggle button on the right. -You may ask various types of questions including multiple choice, yes or no, short answer, add file type, etc. -You can allow your volunteers to decide a preference for departments within volunteers. You may turn this off if you do not want to allow them to have a preference. -Shifts -Add a title, start and end times, location, number of slots within that shift, and any extra notes/definition of shift. -You may add as many shifts as you would like within each application. -As people start to apply, you will see the completion bar fill up. -Messaging feature -Decide what message you would like to be sent as a volunteer is accepted or rejected. -You can add applicants via a bulk import to quickly add volunteers. -Use the excel file -Department -As people apply, you can move them to departments, and you will see the completion bar fill up -As a department lead, they will only have access to the volunteers under that department. They may also message those volunteers as well. -You can create shifts under each department -Make sure to switch from draft to live in your application so that people can apply. -Under each applicant: -You can add tags, which will carry over to every event. -It will also show their total hours and how many hours they actually completed. -You can schedule them for a shift, or send it to the department lead to decide. -Department leads do not count against your team members. -Add department leads under team members. You can decide which applications or departments they have access to. -Department leads can only see volunteers under that department under the submission list and will not be able to edit applications. -You can group messages using the 3 dots on the upper right corner in the submission list. -Here you can add a file in the chat as well. -You may add volunteers manually as well. -The analytics section is the next tab after the submission list to help you visualize data around the volunteer section.


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Sep 23, 2021

This is great!