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Holding a Raffle as part of Your Online Event

in Ventura, United States
Mar 23, 2021

Holding a Raffle as part of Your Online Event


I've been asked to give a few details on how we held a raffle at our Sacramento Arts Festival--Live! 3-day event last November. We encouraged customers who visited our Sacramento Arts Festival—LIVE! virtual show to “Win a Great Door Prize form an Exhibiting Artist” and to scroll through photos of all our artists’ donated works. Here’s How We Informed our Artists about the Raffle: If you choose to participate in our raffle, you can have a piece of your work along with your name and medium as part of a highlighted presentation. The hitch—you’ve got to give that piece away (including shipping it)—to the lucky winner. Your donation should be representative of your work, but needn’t be expensive. (You will need to ship it to the lucky winner.) Bonus: You very well may make extra sales from customers scrolling through the raffle presentation who will visit your virtual booth looking for that or a similar piece of work to what you donated. To take part in our raffle, simply email us an image of the item you wish to donate. When you photograph it, please place a card with your business name and art medium at the bottom. Here’s How We Informed Customers Visiting our Eventeny show page: Enter Our Raffle! Win a Great Prize from One of Our Artists Scroll Down to check out all of the Prizes Then fill in the Entry Form with your Name & Email We’ll draw the Winners from all our entries after this weekend If you’re a Lucky Winner, the Artist will notify you & then ship you your prize Submitted by Warren Cook, producer, American Art Festivals

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in La Pine, United States
Jul 20, 2021

How did you create the entry form?