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Attaching my Business Page to Ticketing Process & Change "Applications"

in Austin, United States
May 14, 2022

Attaching my Business Page to Ticketing Process & Change "Applications"


Okay, so I've set up my business page with all my previous convention merch. I plan to add the new stuff once it's made. But this will be the only things sold at the event. I would like to offer that stuff during the ticketing process, or add tickets to the business page. Some way for someone to come in, buy a ticket, buy a shirt (or whatever), and get it all on one purchase. I see the add-on option, but that doesn't connect to the business page inventory, doesn't show pictures, and would require that I enter everything a second time (with no options for custom questions like shirt size). It would be nice to have a section for con merch on the ticketing page to make it easy for someone to add stuff like that. Second, I see the option to change a bunch of things at the top of ticketing, but Applications seems static. I'm using this for people to submit game event ideas for the schedule, but that's not clear looking at it. (If there's a better way for schedule submission, I'm all ears.) Thanks!

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in Evanston, United States
May 18, 2022

Hi Jonathan! Currently, there is no way to add products from the business page to the ticketing page. Add-ons are what is intended for that purpose. Your feedback on the process (adding sizes or custom questions, for example) and renaming the applications section (you are correct, they are static) are really great suggestions and I'll take it back to the engineers to put on the product roadmap for implementation, though, this could take some time as we do get a lot of product improvement requests! In the meantime, you can add a photo on your event page that links to the business profile and shop page. You can do so under the home section of your event page (where all of your event info is) and then scrolling down to photos. Add a photo, then click on add info, and insert a link to the page. This will then become a clickable photo link on your main event page, next to your banner. I hope that helps! Please feel free to reach out to me at if you'd like to set up some time to go over more ideas or suggestions. :)