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Application Deadline Met

How can we make it clearer to people on our event that the vending application deadline has passed and is no longer available? Is there a way to add a note in the area that says "Deadline has passed", or how do we handle that?

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in Evanston, United States
Mar 28, 2022

Hi Alexa! That's a great question! The applications actually do state very clearly that the deadline has passed on them. It will not allow any new vendors to apply, and the usual "start application" button will state "Deadline has passed" instead. Alternatively, you can take your applications offline and remove them from view by setting them from Live to Draft mode, and then they will not be visible anymore.

Hi, my event application deadline passed a couple of months ago and there is clearly a message to that effect on our application page but we continue to get inquiries about being allowed to submit late or being added to a waitlist, neither of which we want to do. We do not want to field and answer all the inquiries either so I tried the above "draft" approach yesterday and put my event's application in draft mode. Today I received an inquiry from from a potential vendor that they want to submit but the application is in draft they can still see my application in draft mode. Have I missed something? does it also have to be in private mode? It would be really nice to be able to edit the "application period has closed" message to add that the waitlist is full...