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A "PASSPORT" type of ticket or pass

in Waimea, United States
Oct 25, 2021

I have 33 events both indoors and outdoors, at several different venues. I have figured out a way to create a "ticket/PASSPORT" and it will require the ALL persons involved with the festival to have a QR code that this platform creates(name, phone, email, zipcode, valid ID and Vaccine docs). I wonder if this could do the following for the event due to Covid protocols. 1. utilize the code at all the events as a PASSPORT entry 2. record each time the participant scans the QR code at check in stations i.e. time, date and location(GPS) is fine for back end data collection 3. utilize this as a contact tracing tool if requested by the Dept of Health in case of a potential close contact VR, TN

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in Norcross, United States
Nov 18, 2021

Hi Thomas! That is great feedback! As the year is coming to a close, COVID-19 is a big factor to take into consideration when planning an event. We have updated our Event Description section to now include a COVID Protocols section for organizers to include any information about their COVID protocols for their event. :) Our team has been looking into additional ways that we can implement to help organizers manage any COVID protocols they may have for their event. We will provide updates!