Registration Automation.

Elevate your registration process through custom registration forms, single step ticketing, group orders, automatic checkin process, information distribution, engagement lifecycle, and customer analytics.


Create With Ease

Build custom registration, issue tickets, add general information, build live agendas, drag & drop pictures, connect media sources, and map entire event to automatically create a beautiful page for your audience. No coding required.


Improve Audience Lifecycle

Our smart registration engages with your audience by introducing them to the event, connecting them with vendors & sponsors, engaging them with media content, and tracking their experience. Your audience remain engaged throughout the event and keep coming back for future events.


Audience Management

Use our audience management tool to control the interaction with your audience from issuing tickets, checking in, upgrading, refunding, and canceling. Understand your target audience behavior, choices, interests, and feedback to better cater their needs.

Go Mobile

Powerful Mobile Design

Go mobile without any coding. Our mobile application is designed to beautifully showcase your event, tickets, live agenda, map, media content, and news feed. You can interact with your audience before, during, and after the event using the Stooge mobile application.

Dedicated Team

New Features

The Stooge Team is always building new features for our clients to ease their operational burden from organizing events. When we deploy new features, we automatically give you the ability to use them without any additional charge.


Work With Your Team

Using the team management feature, you can create new roles, add and remove team members, assign tasks, and communicate with your team. Your team can help you manage events, tickets, and audience.

With Endless Possibilities

Automating your event is just one click away.

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