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Explore creative ways to host your next virtual event.

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Vendors and artists can create their own booths.

Vendors & artists can create their own booths.

Interactive options for organizers and attendees.

Interactive options for organizers & attendees.

Sponsor recognition throughout the event.

Sponsor recognition throughout the event.

Unilimited events. Clear pricing. No surprises.

Unlimited events. Clear pricing. No surprises.

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Suwanee Fest

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Virtual booth setup



Virtual exhibitors and vendors

Create a new experience for your audience and bring your booths online.

We don't just help you organize and set up exhibitors and vendors for live events, we also help you set them up for your virtual events. Using Eventeny, exhibitors, vendors, and artists are able to create their own unique profiles including pictures, videos, and products.

Other providers may not have a virtual platform — with us, it's included.

Virtual event experience

Bring the experience directly to your audience.

All our features work together seamlessly to help you take your event virtual and provide real-time engagement to your audience.

Everything you need to take your event to the next level.

  • Marketplace
  • Live streaming
  • Group meeting
  • Live interaction
  • Video seminar
  • Sponsor placement
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Atlanta Jazz Festival

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Sponsor impression

Sponsor branding

Placement, exposure, and creative engagement.

Generate more revenue

Provide more options to the sponsors to generate extra revenue for your event.

Interaction with audience

Sponsors can interact with audience members and collect information, generate interest, launch products, etc.

Track impressions, clicks, and more

Eventeny's sponsor engagement options help you collect and share important metrics for your sponsors.

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Eventeny has helped us improve the highly detailed processes. They are highly skilled and passionate team with great customer service and support. I am so grateful to work with them.
Rachel Tunnicliffe

Stay connected. Share ideas. Be inspired.

Connect with community leaders shaping the future of virtual events.

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Indie Green Festival

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Atlanta, GA

Customer success

We’re here to help.

We establish, develop and build relationships with all of our customers to better understand their needs and drive long-term success.

Get in touch with us. We're always here to help.

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The system is very easy to navigate and their team is constantly making adjustments and improvements to make it even more convenient and streamlined. We manage over 20 events a year and this system has made parts of our event planning process so much easier.
Kari Weaver
Atlanta Beer Festivals
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