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E032 - Japanese Culture
E032 - Japanese Culture

With Yoshi Domoto /

E032 - Japanese Culture

Yoshi Domoto joined Plantastic Events episode on July 23, 2018. He talked about how he hosts JapanFest and the history of the Japan-America Society of Georgia and the Japanese Chamber of Commerce, Georgia.

Yoshi Domoto

Hot topics for episode 032:

  1. History of Japan and Georgia
  2. The upcoming festival themes
  3. Japanese food, people and culture

Yoshi Domoto is the Executive Director at The Japan-America Society of Georgia. He also hosts the famous JapanFest, which is a 2-day festival and draws a crowd of 20,000 people! In its 32nd year, JapanFest celebrates the culture and people of Japan. The festival is organized by JapanFest, the Japan-America Society of Georgia, and the Japanese Chamber of Commerce, Georgia, with support from the Consulate-General of Japan.

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Podcast Transcript

Transcript by Nausheen Punjani

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