E030 - Protect Your Data - Eventeny Podcast Room
E030 - Protect Your Data
E030 - Protect Your Data

With Aly Hussaini and Chang Han /

E030 - Protect Your Data

Festival and events often attract large crowds and poor planning can result increase the chances of attacks whether it’s during a live event or online. In the past, we’ve covered topics about security planning during an event but it’s important to talk about cyber security as well. Our guests include Aly Hussaini and Chang Han. They’ll talk about the importance of cyber security.

Aly Hussaini and Chang Han

Hot topics for episode 030:

  1. The difference between internal and external security
  2. The importance of having policies and procedures for cyber security
  3. Best practices to secure festival data
  4. Plan B preparation in case data is leaked

Aly Hussaini is the CEO of Stooge and has 5 years of experience with Salesforce. He has been coding since age 9 and has full-stack development experience, especially with SAAS and marketing automation. Chang is a developer for Stooge. He has 10 years of full-stack development experience and has development experience with marketing automation. Previously, he was a developer at Gamevil and Com2us.

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Host: Nausheen Punjani.
Guest: Aly Hussaini and Chang Han.
Music: Justin Mahar.
Support: Aly Hussaini from Stooge.

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Podcast Transcript

Transcript by Nausheen Punjani

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