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E029 - All About Volunteers
E029 - All About Volunteers

With Kari Weaver /

E029 - All About Volunteers

Kari Weaver joined Plantastic Events episode on June 30, 2018. She talked about the importance of having volunteers for your festival and how you can recruit, train and retain volunteers.

Kari Weaver

Hot topics for episode 029:

  1. What are some of the advantages of having volunteers at your festival
  2. How to find, recruit, train, and retain volunteers
  3. What are some of the ways to give recognition to volunteers

Kari Weaver is the Director of Events at Atlanta Beer Festivals. She manages the relationships with vendors, helps with social media, and coordinates volunteers for all of the events. They host over 17 events per year throughout Georgia including Atlanta Winter, Spring and Summer Beer Fest, Atlanta Brunch Festival and four Wine Festivals too. Approximately 3000 or more people attend the festivals!

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Podcast Transcript

Transcript by Nausheen Punjani

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