Stooge Updates April 2018 |
We’re planning to host a free training session about all of our latest features. If you’re interested, please let us know so we can plan something at the end of May or early June 2018.
Plantastic Events
A big thanks to all our recent guest speakers: Emily Dillard, Hilary Lew, Megan Carnell, Madison Navarro, Akram Ibrahim, Gabriel Peck, Alta Schwartz, and Kay Montgomery!

Topics include: Fall festivals, DJ world, cultural festivals, food festivals, and how to involve the community during festivals.

Look out for upcoming topics:
  1. Tips on how to reduce stress as an event or festival organizer
  2. Insights on how Atlantic Station hosts their events and how you can partner with them
  3. How to hunt for corporate sponsorships
  4. How to build relationships with vendors
Upcoming Events
Prototype Prime is hosting The Past, Present, and Future of 3-D Printing on May 9th. It will include a panel on 3-D printing and get an opportunity to talk about the past, present, and future of 3-D printing with experts in the field.
The City of Alpharetta is hosting their annual Taste of Alpharetta on May 3rd for festival goers, families and food connoisseurs. You get an opportunity to dine at over 60 restaurants at the Historic Downtown Alpharetta. Admission is also free and you can purchase food tickets for $.50 each.
Featured Update: Volunteer Integration
We have upgraded and now we have our volunteer platform ready to use! It’s automated to make your lives easier and the design is flexible to allow you to set up different shift schedules. Check it out and share your feedback with us.
Product Updates
  • The new sponsor application is ready for you to use
  • We created a new volunteer section for you to register and approve volunteers
  • Our new guiding system will help you set up your account when you register
  • Check out our new pricing page and leave us feedback
Thank you!
We are working with over 280 events and festivals! Thank you to all the event and festival organizers for guiding and supporting us!