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WOWCon Beyond 2024

event Mar 23 10:00 am - Mar 23 7:00 pm
(GMT-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada)
3100 Town Center Trail, Denton, Texas 76201, United States
Hosted by WOWCon Beyond

Mar 23 10:00 am - Mar 23 7:00 pm
(GMT-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada)
3100 Town Center Trail, Denton, Texas 76201, United States

WOWCon Beyond is a celebration of women and femme-identifying persons who work in various creative industries.

Parking instructions
Self-parking is available around the venue.

COVID protocols
Masks are not required, but are always optional.


Price: $10-30
General Membership
$10.00 / each
+$0.96 FEES
107 days left
Gain access to all areas of the event which includes Art Landscape, Vendor's Market, Crafts & Chill Lounge, screening room, and the all-new WOWCon Cafe for lunch OR dinner! Have a group... + More
Premium Membership
$30.00 / each
+$2.21 FEES
62 days left
Receive all benefits of General Membership PLUS a limited edition Celebration t-shirt, badge, and our all-new WOWCon Cafe for lunch AND dinner! Have a group of 8 or more? Then please contact us... + More


Interested in applying to the event:
3 active applications
Artist Application
Deadline: Nov 30, 2023 (Ends today)
Welcome to Art Landscape at WOWCon Beyond 2024 – the space for aspiring and established artists. We strive to provide a welcoming, vibrant and safe space for our guests to showcase their talent and passion. We also take pride in supporting our local arts community and helping connect creators with the larger public!

For those looking to participate in this year's Art Landscape, we have three categories you can apply under:

• Fine Art - featuring painting, photography, sculpture and more

• Digital Art - For media art such as motion graphics, web art, animation and more

• Crafts: A showcase of DIY projects and hobbies, including keychains, buttons, pins, etc. 

Please note that if you handcraft and sell items that people wear or use at home (such as clothing, jewelry, handbags, wallets, etc) and it is MORE than 50% of your wares, then you will need to complete the VENDOR application. If you submit this application and it is determined that you fit under the Vendor category, you will be contacted by the Exhibitions Team.
If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at or send us a message through Eventeny!

Good luck!

Vendor Application
Deadline: Nov 30, 2023 (Ends today)
Thank you for your interest in our Vendor's Market! 

The Vendor's Market is an area where companies or individuals can showcase a variety of products and services that are owned or have been legally licensed for public sale. These would include but aren't limited to clothing, POP! figures, novelty items, action figures, costumes, video games, etc). 
Exhibitor's Application
Deadline: Nov 30, 2023 (Ends today)
Thank you for your interest in our Exhibition Space! 
We would love for our community to engage with brands and/or businesses that align with our mission for not just the people of Denton, but throughout Texas! To be considered, please complete this application in full. 

Please note that fees are not processed until your application is approved. 

Good luck! 

Other applications

Interested in participating in this event:
1 active application
Panel/Workshop Application
Deadline: Jan 31, 2024
Thank you for your interest in hosting a panel and/or workshop at WOWCon Beyond! Our goal is to educate, entertain, inform, and have a blast while doing it. Topics of discussion are endless,... + More

Hosted by WOWCon Beyond

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Founded in 2014, we have one mission - to provide education and information about women in various creative industries such as comics, animation, film, music, and more. We hold events that empower young girls and allow them to have real... + More