Depot Days Grounds Layout - Hartselle Depot Days 2023 - Presented by Decatur Morgan Hospital - Eventeny

Depot Days Grounds Layout

Welcome! This is a layout map of the Depot Days grounds. The numbered and color-coded sections have corresponding vendor maps in which you can select and purchase your booth space(s) after you've submitted and received approval for your online application. For example, I'd like to purchase a booth in the Farmers Market area. I see it labeled "900s." Next, I select the map entitled "800s - 900s - Farmers Market Area & Hickory Street." I can now select the booth space(s) I'd like to purchase and follow the prompts to check out. Premium booth spaces are located on Main Street and under the Farmers Market Pavillion. General booth spaces are located in the Life Church parking lot, Sycamore Street, Sparkman Street, Hickory Street, and the Farmers Market area. Booth spaces color-coded in a dark color have access to electricity and include a $25 electricity fee in the price. Booth spaces color-coded in a medium color have no access to electricity and are in an area where generators are not allowed. Booth spaces color-coded in light color are areas where the use of a generator is encouraged but not required. These areas have no access to electricity. Each map has a key to help you find the booth type that meets your electrical or non-electrical needs. Food Vendors should select and submit the Food Vendor Application. Depot Days Staff will plan food vendor placement according to size, offerings and utility requirements. Food vendor placement map will be released the week before the event. This map is for visualization purposes and no action is required.

Booths & Spaces