10th Annual Doc Holliday Festival 2024 - Eventeny

10th Annual Doc Holliday Festival 2024

event Sep 06 10:00 am - Sep 07 5:00 pm
(GMT-04:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Camp Northern Road, Griffin City Park, Griffin, Georgia 30224, United States
Hosted by Griffin Spalding Community Events

Sep 06 10:00 am - Sep 07 5:00 pm
(GMT-04:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Camp Northern Road, Griffin City Park, Griffin, Georgia 30224, United States

The 10th Annual Doc Holliday Festival and BBQ Competition is returning to Griffin City Park in September - the weekend after Labor Day, promising entertainment for the whole family. This exciting event is not only free to attend, but also offers a glimpse into the past and present with a variety of activities and shows. One of the highlights of the festival is the re-enactment group Aces and Eights, who will be performing three shows in the park depicting the famous shootout at the OK Corral. These shows, which run for approximately 30 minutes each, tell the story of the life of John Henry "Doc" Holliday, who was born in Griffin and had a dentistry practice on Solomon Street, making it a must-watch for history enthusiasts and fans of the Wild West. Another major draw of the weekend is the barbecue competition, sanctioned by the Georgia Barbecue Association, which is expected to have around 30+ professional teams participating. The barbecue teams will be set up in the ball field inside Griffin City Park, and the general public will have the opportunity to purchase a sampler platter from twelve of the teams, known as the People's Choice. Not only will guests get to enjoy delicious barbecue, but they will also have the chance to vote for their favorite team, with a prize awarded to the winning team. The Doc Holliday Festival is made possible through the collaborative efforts of various partners, including Eagle's Way Church, the Griffin Downtown Council, the Chamber of Commerce, City of Griffin, Spalding County, Aces and Eights and the Spalding Collaborative. A portion of the profits from the event will be donated to the Spalding Collaborative for Families and Children, making it not just a fun event, but also a way to support the local community. With its combination of entertainment, delicious barbecue, and community support, the annual Doc Holliday Festival and BBQ Competition is a must-attend event for all ages. Don't miss out on this exciting day of festivities in Griffin City Park in September !

Parking instructions
Parking is FREE throughout Griffin City Park!!!

Aces and Eights Western Reenactment
Aces Eights Promoting the history of the Old West through authentic impressions, historically accurate skits and educational, interactive living history Performances throughout the day.

Festival Vendors & BBQ Team Registration

BBQ Competition Pro Cook Team Application - use code BBQ24 for $50 Off Registration

11 shops
Festival - Arts & Crafts Vendor Application

17 shops
Festival - Food Vendor Application

9 shops
Interested in applying to the event:
4 active applications
Festival - Food Vendor Application
Deadline: Aug 31, 2024
Welcome to the Doc Holliday Festival Vendor Registration Page, browse through our application and let us know if you have any questions. This is an electronic agreement and by selecting the booths, you are validating and approving this agreement electronically.
Festival - Arts & Crafts Vendor Application
Deadline: Aug 30, 2024
Your application for an arts & crafts vendor application would be a non-food related item
(unless your food is pre-packaged or requires further preparation ie. canned goods).
BBQ Competition Pro Cook Team Application - use code BBQ24 for $50 Off Registration
Deadline: Sep 04, 2024
10th Annual Doc Holliday BBQ Championship 
Official Georgia BBQ Association sanctioned event.
GBA State Championship
GBA Double Points Competition
GA State Brisket Championship
One Team Member (Pit Master) MUST be GBA members prior to competition.  Individual membership is $35, visit bbqga.org 
Entry Fee includes all three Pro Categories, 20'x40' cooking site, 20 AMP Electrical and water connection.  Applications received prior to August 10th receives a $50 discount, use code BBQ24 .
Camper must be on your cooksite.
All teams receive TWO free tshirts, additional tshirts available for $15 each at the event.
Clean restrooms available nearby cooksite.
Contest Schedule: 
8 a.m. - Cook Team Check-in
9 a.m. - Meat inspection begins
5 p.m. - GBA Cook Team Meeting
Welcome Reception
11 p - 7 a - Quiet Time
Ancellary Turn-In (8 person serving minimum)
Wings 6:30 p.m. turn-in
Dessert 7 p.m. turn-in
7 a.m. - 8 a.m. Breakfast provided to all registered cook teams
GBA Pro Turn In (Preliminaries)
9:45 a.m. - 10 a.m. Pork Loin Turn-In
10:45 a.m. - 11 a.m. Pulled Pork Turn-In
11:45 am - 12 p.m. Rib Turn-In
GBA Pro Turn In (Finals)
1:25 p.m. - 1:30 p.m. Pork Loin Turn-In
1:55 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. Pulled Pork Turn-In
2:25 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. Rib Turn-in
Other Turn In
1:00 p.m. People's Choice Turn-In 
1:15 p.m. Brisket Turn-In

Pizza Cook-off Competition - FRIDAY
Deadline: Aug 31, 2024
Pizza Cook-Off Association Rules - Friday, 9/6/2024
→ Events are open to anyone 18 years of age or older and you do not have to be a member of the Pizza Cook-off Association (PCA) to enter a competition.
→ All events will be capped off to the first 50 cooks to register online. 
→ Cook Team registrations are done through the Promoter of the event.
→ Cooking source can be pizza ovens, smokers, or any type of grill. They can be fueled by wood, charcoal, wood pellets, or propane. Electric ovens are permitted, but we cannot guarantee electrical outlets will be available at each event location.
→ Each cook is encouraged to bring their own pizza oven, smoker, or grill. Depending on the event, the PCA will provide pizza ovens for cooks to utilize.
→ Cook teams do not have to be a PCA member to enter a competition. You can have more than one entry, but have to pay a separate entry fee.
→ Each cooking team is required to have some type of fire extinguisher at their cook site.
→ Each cook team will be assigned a site by the PCA Rep. Tents 10’ x 10’ are permissible, and encouraged.
→ Each cooking team will be expected to keep a clean work area, maintain safe and sanitary cooking methods during the competition, and will be responsible to clean up their site after the competition. 
→ Cook’s meetings will be announced prior to the event.
→ Cook teams can use commercially prepared, or self-made dough, or pre-made crust. The dough or crust must be ready and present when checking in for competition. Dough cannot be made onsite.
→ Cook teams will also provide all ingredients and utensils needed to cook and prepare pizza.
→ Pizzas must be 12” round or 12” square. Must be turned in UNCUT and placed on a 14” round cardboard circle.
→ PCA will provide white, 14” round cardboard circles.
→ Pizza Category will be designated as “Creative Choice”, meaning make your best pizza!
→ For initial pizza turn-ins, there will be a 45-minute window minimum. This 45-minute window can change depending on the number of cook teams.
→ The number of judges will be determined by the number of registered cook teams.
→ The timeline for each event will be based on how many cooks participate, and may be adjusted if need be at the discretion of the PCA Rep.
→ Our goal for the PCA is to let people attending the event be able to taste some of the pizzas being cooked. Promoter has the option to request 1 pizza from each team, but cook teams can practice and donate more than one if they choose. You have the option to place a table tent with your name of your cook team or business name with the pizza or pizzas you donate.
→ Each registered cook must make their own pizza. Cooking any pizza for another registered cook or team will be result in a disqualification for both parties.
→ Judging will consist of PCA certified pizza judges who have successfully completed a PCA Certified Judging Class.
→ There will be 2 rounds of judging. The first round, pizzas will be judged one at time. And for the finals, comparative judging will be conducted, meaning all 5 pizzas will be scored against each other.
→ The first round of judging for all cooks will be blind and based on 4 categories…Appearance, Construction, Crust, and Taste. Scores are entered in whole numbers, 7 through 10.
→ The entries with the top five scores will be cook again in the finals and will be judged again by a panel of five final judges. Each of these teams will be notified of their selection as a finalist as soon as possible. After the finalists have been notified, they will have 30 minutes to light their oven and prep, and from that point have 10 minutes to turn in. Scores will be compiled to determine first through 5th place.
→ Judging for the final 5 contestants will be also be blind and based on Appearance, Construction, Crust, Taste, and a 5th category of Overall Impression will be added.
→ Scoring is conducted in a manner that will not result in a tie.
→ All Pizza event winners will automatically be qualified to compete for the Pizza Cook-off Association National Championship held each year. Date to be determined. 
→ Disqualifications include: 
Cooking for another registered team
Pizza turned in after designated turn in time
Foreign object found in turn in box
Pizza not meeting category specification
→ An ancillary category will be optional at each event. If it is decided to have an ancillary, the promoter will decide the category.
→ The interpretation of all PCA rules are those of the PCA Representative at the event, and his or her decision is final.

Event maps

Festival Vendor Map
Green Sites allow Food Vendors
BBQ Competition Map
BBQ Cooksite set-up map Sites will be assigned upon check-in

Hosted by Griffin Spalding Community Events

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