Anime Weekend Atlanta 2021

event Oct 28 12:00 pm - Oct 31 7:00 pm
(GMT-04:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
2450 Galleria Pkwy, Atlanta, Georgia 30339, United States
Hosted by Anime Weekend Atlanta

Oct 28 12:00 pm - Oct 31 7:00 pm
(GMT-04:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
2450 Galleria Pkwy, Atlanta, Georgia 30339, United States

After a very very long 2020, AWA is planning a come back for Halloween 2021! Look forward to the guests, concerts, cosplays and games you love in a future where we can gather again to spend way too much money, get way too little sleep, and see all of the friends we've missed so much. We request that all participants of Anime Weekend Atlanta please be vaccinated for Covid 19. We have... + More

Ticket options

Price: $0-80
Full Weekend AWA 2021 Membership
$65.00 / ticket
+$4.15 FEES
50 days left
Single pre-registration available for purchase until June 1st. This pass is good for all 4 days of the convention, and grants access to almost everything except for special events, like the Maid... + More
Full Weekend AWA 2021 Membership w/Mailed Option
$80.00 / ticket
+$5.03 FEES
171 days left
Single pre-registration available for purchase until September 30, 2021. This pass is good for all 4 days of the convention, and grants access to almost everything except for special events, like... + More


Interested in becoming a volunteer:
31 active applications
Accessibility Services
Deadline: Sep 30, 2021
We help make the convention accessible to people with accessibility and disability issues, visible and hidden. We provide great satisfaction to our volunteers in helping others who might otherwise... + More
AWA Store
Deadline: Sep 30, 2021
Welcome to the only place you can buy official AWA merchandise! Onsite or online, you’ll find hats, shirts, cups, lanyards, and more at the AWA Store! We are located at the front of the... + More
Deadline: Sep 15, 2021
We run the AWA Costume Contest and Cosplay Gallery. Contest work involves registration and judging on Friday, lineup and show on Saturday; the show is about three hours. Our Alley consists of a... + More
Crew Resources
Deadline: Oct 10, 2021
Our volunteers welcome and greet all volunteers! We process crew sign up, provide support for crew, and host crew events throughout the year. You get first peak at crew only swag, a relaxed work... + More
Deadline: Oct 20, 2021
Before con, building the schedule throughout the year by reviewing panels. At con, make sure panel rooms are prepped and ready for panelists (sometimes requiring clean up), and making sure all tech... + More
Exhibitor Hall
Deadline: Oct 15, 2021
AWA’s Exhibitor Hall is a family friendly environment where everyone can shop to their heart’s content for all manner of anime, related merchandise, and surprising finds. We provide... + More
Fashion Events
Deadline: Oct 01, 2021
We have the pleasure of working with fashion guests and their models. Model fittings are usually Thursday night. The Fashion Show is Saturday and includes dress rehearsal in the wee hours of the... + More
Green Room
Deadline: Oct 10, 2021
We work to provide meals and snacks to VIP guests, as well as bands and their entourages of AWA. You get to meet guests, see them in a more casual environment, and provide hospitality to them on... + More
Guest Relations
Deadline: Oct 01, 2021
We assist VIPs with their AWA schedule. This typically includes escorting them to and from events and helping them organize activities they would like to do outside of AWA. You get to work closely... + More
Hospitality Services
Deadline: Oct 01, 2021
We offer space for volunteers to rest, relax, and refuel during their downtime and between shifts. We provide hot meals and sandwiches to order, along with snacks and drinks. Our department is open... + More
Information Booth
Deadline: Oct 01, 2021
We are the go-to place for people with questions that want answers! Our volunteers assist anyone and everyone with questions about the convention and its happenings or those just looking for... + More
Kuma Kuma Maid Café
Deadline: Aug 15, 2021
Maids, butlers, and kawaii! Oh, my! We strive to provide a memorable AWA experience. We are dedicated to helping our patrons unwind, socialize, and enjoy tasty treats! Give us 90 minutes and... + More
Deadline: Oct 20, 2021
We move everything for AWA to AWA, and back again! We also help with set-up and tear-down. Logistics puts in a lot of time at the Clubhouse throughout the year, too. During the Week of AWA, we... + More
Loss Prevention
Deadline: Aug 31, 2021
Our volunteers protect the assets of AWA, both real and perceived; as well as investigate any and all incidents that occur during the convention. OPERATING HOURS: 24 hours per day Wednesday... + More
Main Events Tech
Deadline: Sep 01, 2021
We specialize in the operation of the room due to the size and complexity of Main Events. We help lead equipment setup and tear down. During the convention we help events succeed, coordinate with... + More
Manga Library
Deadline: Oct 20, 2021
We are the Keepers of Manga, the Mighty Printed Anime! This department provides a quiet place in a boisterous convention for attendees and volunteers alike, to read, relax, and recharge. Our... + More
Deadline: Sep 01, 2021
Marketing promotes AWA. Marketing informs the people about AWA. Marketing lives for AWA. Marketing makes you one of us at AWA. Marketing is responsible for the on- and offline image of AWA, online... + More
Media Ops
Deadline: Oct 20, 2021
Media Ops captures photos and videos of the convention, including Main Events and other panels. Photographers get the chance to photograph some of the best in Japanese music, fashion, and culture.... + More
Operations Support
Deadline: Oct 20, 2021
Our department serves two main functions. First, we are a point of contact for every department. Able to reach every director or hotel and galleria staff. Secondly, we run Lost & Found for the... + More
Panda Ops
Deadline: Oct 20, 2021
Panda Ops provides three main functions: general help, line control, and autographs. General help could be anything from monitoring panels, to helping with set up and tear down, to filling shifts... + More
Press & Industry
Deadline: Oct 01, 2021
Our volunteers review, verify, and register members of the press applying to interview our guests and other industry representatives. We also check in press upon arrival, and schedule and monitor... + More
Public Safety
Deadline: Oct 15, 2021
The Department of Public Safety (DPS) is responsible for the general safety of convention attendees and volunteers. We oversee prop check, help answer attendee questions, and conduct walking... + More
Deadline: Oct 20, 2021
Registration's primary purpose is professionally and efficiently processing incoming attendees for quick and stress-free convention entry. Volunteers provide membership badges to... + More
Deadline: Oct 01, 2021
We use our mighty artistic powers to design and create placards, warnings, and signals for departments and guideposts throughout the hotel and convention center. Thanks to our volunteers, people... + More
Social Media
Deadline: Oct 20, 2021
As the eyes and ears of AWA on the World Wide Web, the Social Media Department is online ALL. THE. TIME. Volunteer duties are based on interview and comfort level. We monitor online platforms like... + More
Tabletop Gaming
Deadline: Oct 10, 2021
The Tabletop Gaming Department offers the ultimate wireless gaming experience! Spend hours having fun playing board games, card gaming tournaments, social games, and RPGs. We aim to provide a... + More
Deadline: Aug 01, 2021
The Technical department supplies AV expertise for AWA. We lead the set-up and tear-down of all technical aspects for the convention. We’ll show you every part of the convention as you become... + More
Usagi Medical Group
Deadline: Oct 10, 2021
Usagi Medical Group manages AWA’s medical services. UsagiMed provides complimentary first aid services to attendees, guests, and crew. Our members possess a diverse set of certifications... + More
Video Art Track
Deadline: Oct 20, 2021
Video Art crew members help run the Video Art Track. OPERATING HOURS: 24 hours per day Thursday – Sunday DETAILS: Interview: Required for New Volunteers Cosplay: Required... + More
Video Gaming
Deadline: Oct 20, 2021
Challenge friends and family in relationship-destroying tournaments! We provide a solid video gaming experience at AWA, usually in the form of free console play, tournaments, and arcade setups.... + More
Video Rooms
Deadline: Oct 20, 2021
What’s an anime convention without anime? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! The Video Rooms Department gets the anime, lines it all up, and presents it to masses. Our volunteers... + More

Hosted by Anime Weekend Atlanta

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