Old Rucker Farm & Park Community Garden 2019

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Old Rucker Farm & Park Community Garden 2019
Organized by City of Alpharetta
The City of Alpharetta’s new Farm at Old Rucker Park welcomes you to participate in the community garden, part of our Community Recreational Agriculture Program. In the following pages you will find the City’s Community Recreational Agriculture Program membership information, structure, rules and practices. The City of Alpharetta’s Community Recreational Agriculture Program operates within the Community Services Division of the Recreation, Parks & Cultural Services Department. The City is happy to provide this program and service to the community. The vision for this program is to model and inspire the stewardship of natural resources through the use of sustainable practices, while connecting the community through growing food and nature-based education. The Community Recreational Agriculture Program was developed in 2018 with collaboration and guidance from numerous residents and community organizations. The program will evolve overtime, striving to best serve and meet the needs of the entire community. This is merely the beginning of the Community Recreational Agriculture Program, and the City of Alpharetta will continue to develop partnerships and programs to enhance this offering. Community Garden Membership Information There are four types of memberships available for the 2019 growing season, depending on your growing needs – there is a membership that fits you. All members will receive seed and plant distributions in the early spring and mid-summer, have access to classes and workshops, and be included in the many related events that take place throughout the year. The membership fees go toward the costs of the program and are not tax deductible.
Date: Dec 14 1:00 am - Jan 31 5:00 pm
Meet the Team!
Garden Manager: Amanda Musilli, Your Garden Director assures that the activities of the Community Garden follow the program guidelines set by the City of Alpharetta’s Recreation, Parks & Cultural Services Department. They provide final approval of meeting agendas, events, fees and budget items. The Garden Director manages administrative tasks for the garden including waiting lists, induction of new members, dismissals, emails, and any other tasks of an administrative nature that is necessary. Garden Coordinator: Emily Dillard, Your Garden Coordinator will work alongside with the Garden Manger in completing all administrative tasks. They will also work with the Volunteer Garden Supervisor in arranging work days, special garden events, and help manage any garden issues that may come up. Please reach out to your Garden Coordinator with any extra or unwanted food from your garden plot. The City of Alpharetta has partnered with the North Fulton Community Charities and will have regularly scheduled pick-up dates for extra or unwanted food at The Farm. Parks Manager: Eric Milley The Parks team maintains the grounds of the community garden outside of the individual plots, inspects tree health and coordinates their care, and provides support and assistance for other repairs and projects. The Parks team also maintains oversight for the water supply to the community garden, as well as to other structures within the parks. Volunteer Garden Supervisor: Your Volunteer Garden Supervisor is a volunteer position whose role is to provide support for gardeners and to serve as a liaison between the gardeners and the City of Alpharetta’s Community Recreational Agriculture Program staff. They will help host garden orientation for new members, assist with work days, reminders, events and communication. The Volunteer Garden Supervisor will be a great resource for questions and concerns and will try to provide information or coordinate help. The Volunteer Garden Supervisor is an unpaid volunteer position with a one-year term as the Lead Supervisor, and one-year as the Past Garden Supervisor. During the term, the Lead Garden Supervisor and Past Garden Supervisor will receive an annual 6’10” x 3’5” garden plot. If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer Garden Supervisor please reach out to your Garden Coordinator, Emily Dillard at  
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WELCOME TO ALPHARETTA Whether you’re new to Alpharetta or a lifelong resident, there’s just so much to discover in this beautiful and vibrant Southern city. Alpharetta truly has it all. A unique blend of excellent schools, incredible job opportunities, great shopping and cultural events and abundant green space. It’s no wonder Alpharetta is one of the hottest markets in both commercial and residential real estate. Through all of its progress, the city has kept its down-to-earth character, which may be why people who live here usually stay here, and why there’s always something new and exciting happening.
2019 Community Garden Program Application
Event Date: Dec 14 - Jan 31
2019 Community Garden Program Application
Category: Other
Deadline: Jul 31, 2019
Home Memberships – The Home Membership is tailored to the resident who already has a garden plot in their back yards, or plans to create one, and would like to join the community of other gardeners who share a common interest. The home plot can be as small or large as you choose. Seasonal Memberships (Available in 2020) – Seasonal Memberships will be available in 2020, and are connected to the schools that become members of the Community Recreational Agriculture Program. The Seasonal Members will have access to their assigned raised beds from Memorial Day to Labor Day at the partnering school location. The Seasonal Membership is perfect if you love to plant the “Hot Crops”, such as tomatoes, peppers and eggplant. Seasonal Members will be responsible to hand over a plant-ready bed to the school by Labor Day, providing our local educators with the needed assistance to help incorporate classroom gardens into our children’s education. Annual Memberships – Annual Membership beds for 2019 are all located at the Farm at Old Rucker Road Park. For the 2019 Season, there will be 12 garden beds available at the Farm at Old Rucker Road Park, and all will be 6’10” x 3’5”. The number of beds will increase as demand from the community dictates the need. School Memberships (Available in 2020)– School Memberships are free to any Alpharetta school and will be available in 2020. The school is responsible for installing the raised beds and filling it with soil, and making the beds accessible to the Seasonal Members during the summer break. School Members will take responsibility for their gardens from Labor Day through Memorial Day. Seed and plant distribution will be delivered to the school by the Community Recreational Agriculture Program on mutually agreed upon dates. If you are a school/educator interested in joining the Community Recreational Agriculture Program, email Old Rucker Farm & Park's Community Garden Program provides: o Water (regulated by the farm and weather conditions) o Tools & wheelbarrows on site o Four seed and plant distribution dates, with quantities based on membership type o Onsite shed to store equipment shared by the garden members Gardeners are responsible for: o Annual program participation fee o Completion of a set number of community service hours (based on membership type) for the garden per year, which may include scheduled work days or hosting an educational class for the community o A clearly worked, weeded and harvested plot all growing season o Additional hand tools needed to maintain your plot o Row covers o Any additional plot needs o Maintaining current address, phone numbers & email address with your Garden Coordinator
Event Date: Dec 14 - Jan 31
Would you like to support the Alpharetta Community Recreational Agriculture Program with a donation?
Deadline: Dec 31, 2019
Interested in growing and supporting Alpharetta's Community Recreational Agriculture Program? 100% of the proceeds will go back to The Farm at Old Rucker Park. Any amount that is gifted will go towards additional community garden beds, seeds and plants, tools, programming, events on the farm and so much more!