Anime Weekend Atlanta - 2020

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Anime Weekend Atlanta Vendor Application 2020
Deadline: Aug 31, 2020
This application is intended for vendors interested in selling licensed and bulk produced merchandise. If you intend on selling fan art or hand made pieces, Please see our Artist Alley registration... + More


Interested in becoming a volunteer:
31 active applications
To Be Determined
Deadline: Oct 23, 2020
Want to volunteer but don't know who you are, what you want, or which department to select? That's okay! You don't have to decide. We'll help you out. Welcome to The... + More
Accessibility Services
Deadline: Sep 30, 2020
We strive to make the convention accessible for everyone no matter their visible or invisible disability. We provide great satisfaction to our volunteers in helping others who might otherwise be... + More
AWA Store
Deadline: Sep 30, 2020
Volunteers will staff our merch booth, greet customers, and work with our AWA merch inventory. OPERATING HOURS: DETAILS: Interview: Required Cosplay: Required Training: Special... + More
Deadline: Oct 01, 2020
We run the AWA Costume Contest and Cosplay Gallery. Contest work involves registration and judging on Friday, lineup and show on Saturday; the show is about three hours. Our Alley consists of a... + More
Crew Resources
Deadline: Oct 10, 2020
Our volunteers welcome and greet all volunteers! We processes crew sign up, provide support for crew, and host crew events throughout the year. You get first peak at crew only swag, a relaxed work... + More
Deadline: Oct 15, 2020
While we run 24 hours a day throughout the convention, you don’t have to! Our volunteers monitor panels and ensure any technical requests are met. Additionally, you also have the opportunity... + More
Exhibitor Hall
Deadline: Oct 23, 2020
Our volunteers ensure the security and comfort of everyone in the Exhibitor Hall. Assisting vendors and artists, we generate a presence that deters shoplifting. In return, you get to see everything... + More
Fashion Events
Deadline: Oct 10, 2020
We put on the AWA Fashion Show and AWA Tea Party. Volunteers work to prepare, setup, manage, and break down these two unique events. Our department immerses you into the breathtaking world of... + More
Green Room
Deadline: Oct 11, 2020
We work to provide meals and snacks to VIP guests, as well as bands and their entourages of AWA. You get to meet guests, see them in a more casual environment, and provide hospitality to them on... + More
Guest Relations
Deadline: Oct 23, 2020
Our volunteers make sure guests are happy, hydrated, full of food, and assisted while at the con. For this, you can meet many guests and see a different side of the convention hidden from... + More
Hospitality Services
Deadline: Oct 01, 2020
Our department feeds the volunteering masses and we love doing it! Our volunteers offer a fun and relaxing environment for all volunteers during their downtime and between shifts. We are awesome,... + More
Information Booth
Deadline: Oct 10, 2020
We are the go-to place for people with questions that want answers! Our volunteers assist anyone and everyone with questions about the convention and its happenings or those just looking for... + More
Kuma Kuma Maid Café
Deadline: Aug 01, 2020
Our purpose is to provide a memorable convention experience for patrons. Give us 90 minutes and we’ll give you delicious snacks, fun games, and a relaxing atmosphere. You’ll leave... + More
Deadline: Oct 23, 2020
Our volunteers protect the assets of AWA, both real and perceived. We also investigate any incidents that occur during the convention. OPERATING HOURS: DETAILS: Interview:... + More
Loss Prevention
Deadline: Oct 23, 2020
Our volunteers protect the assets of AWA, both real and perceived. We also investigate any incidents that occur during the convention. OPERATING HOURS: 24 hours per day Thursday: 12:30pm... + More
Main Events Tech
Deadline: Oct 23, 2020
Volunteers in main events should be enthusiastic and excel at communication OPERATING HOURS: DETAILS: Interview: Required Cosplay: Required Training: Special Requests: Crew Types... + More
Manga Library
Deadline: Oct 23, 2020
We are the Keepers of Manga, the Mighty Printed Anime! This department provides a quiet place in a boisterous convention for attendees and volunteers alike, to read, relax, and recharge. Our... + More
Deadline: Oct 22, 2020
Our department promotes AWA at other conventions and outside events throughout the year; as well as manage club tables, conduct surveys, and provide general assistance at the convention. Volunteers... + More
Media Ops
Deadline: Oct 23, 2020
Our volunteers capture photos and videos of the convention, including Main Events and other panels. Our volunteers get the chance to photograph or record some of the best in music, fashion, and... + More
Operations Support
Deadline: Oct 23, 2020
Our department serves two main functions. First, we are a point of contact for every department. Able to reach every director or hotel and galleria staff. Secondly, we run Lost & Found for the... + More
Panda Ops
Deadline: Oct 23, 2020
We are home to any and all types of volunteer. We offer a fun and friendly way to get a peek at nearly all that AWA has to offer. Here, you have the opportunity to assist with various stand-in jobs... + More
Press & Industry
Deadline: Oct 01, 2020
Our volunteers review, verify, and register members of the press applying to interview our guests and other industry representatives. We also check in press upon arrival, and schedule and monitor... + More
Public Safety
Deadline: Oct 23, 2020
We are responsible for the general safety of the convention. Patrols monitor the hotel and convention center, props are "peace-bonded" to indicate safety, backup is provided to other... + More
Deadline: Sep 30, 2020
Our volunteers check-in pre-registered attendees, and sell memberships to those who have not registered yet. Registration's primary purpose is to process incoming attendees in a professional,... + More
Deadline: Oct 01, 2020
We help make and distribute the various signs seen throughout the hotel and convention center. Thanks to our volunteers, people are statistically less likely to get lost and more likely to know the... + More
Social Media
Deadline: Sep 30, 2020
These volunteers monitor online networks for complaints, questions, and misinformation about AWA during AWA. You post responses when appropriate and share cool stuff happening around the... + More
Tabletop Gaming
Deadline: Oct 01, 2020
Our volunteers have fun providing great gaming experiences for attendees. We offer board games, card gaming tournaments, social gaming, and RPGs. You get to enjoy a chill environment with amazing... + More
Deadline: Oct 23, 2020
The Technical department is looking for people who like to work with their hands that are looking for a challenge and willing to learn. Able to handle some heavy lifting. OPERATING... + More
Video Art Track
Deadline: Oct 23, 2020
Video Art crew members help run the The Video Art Track. OPERATING HOURS: DETAILS: Interview: Cosplay: Required Training: Special Requests: Crew Types Accepted: New &... + More
Video Gaming
Deadline: Oct 23, 2020
Challenge friends and family in relationship destroying tournaments! Crew members in Video Gaming help run tournaments and keep the crowds under control. Duties also include maintaining games and... + More
Video Rooms
Deadline: Oct 01, 2020
What’s an anime convention without anime? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Our department gets the anime, lines it all up, and presents it to masses. Join us for binge watching... + More

Hosted by AWA, LLC

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Anime Weekend Atlanta is held annually.

Oct 29 9:00 am - Nov 01 7:00 pm
Renaissance Atlanta Waverly Hotel & Convention Center, Galleria Parkway, Atlanta, Cobb, GA, USA

AWA, or Anime Weekend Atlanta, is a 4 day convention that takes place at the Cobb Galleria, the Renaissance Waverly Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia. This year's AWA will be held October 29 - November 1, 2020. AWA runs 24 hours starting Thursday afternoon to Sunday evening. AWA is a celebration of Japanese culture, anime (animation) and manga (comics).