2019 Atlanta International Night Market

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2019 Atlanta International Night Market
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Cities come alive at night, especially one home to a vibrant international community such as Greater Atlanta with a population of 5.6 million people representing over 75 countries (per the Metro Atlanta Chamber). We believe it’s time Atlanta had its own night market to showcase the foods, crafts, talents, customs, and people making Atlanta’s international community one of the greatest in the world. Inspired by vibrant outdoor markets popular throughout Europe and Asia, night markets are social outdoor events where food, retail, and educational vendors offer a variety of fresh, local street foods, arts & crafts, and other culturally-relevant and family-friendly fare. These roving festivals would highlight unique finds, foods, wares, and entertainment that could be found nowhere else during the day. Now, for the first time ever, you can experience this in Atlanta at the Atlanta International Night Market! AINM is so much more than just an event, it’s an extraordinary experience celebrating the community, culture, and creativity of Atlanta. With the authentic variety of sites and sounds, this event has something for everyone to enjoy. Join us in this exciting, 3-day celebration of diversity, community, culture, and creativity at the Atlanta International Night Market and TASTE THE WORLD! Estimated attendance for this event is 75,000 across the weekend. DETAILS: HOURS: 5pm-12am on Friday & Saturday, 3pm-9pm on Sunday PARKING: FREE at the mall TICKETS: Available on our website KIDS: Children 12 and under are FREE FAQs: Please see our website for more details,
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About the organizer
Atlanta International Night Market
We are the Atlanta Int’l Night Market, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to bringing people together under the night sky for a celebration of culture, community, & international cuisine. With a projected attendance of over 65,000 people from Atlanta and neighboring states, this family-friendly 3-day event celebrates diversity, culture, cuisine, and community. Returning in Fall 2018, the AINM is a large, family-friendly, open-air night market featuring 200+ independent vendors selling art, food, and drink, and featuring music and cultural performances on multiple stages, all celebrating the rich cultural diversity and the heritage of Atlanta. Are you ready for an adventurous weekend? We welcome you to join us and savor the night as we taste the world together!
Vendor Applications
Event Date: Oct 04 - 06
Application deadline has passed

Meet our vendors

Food & Drink Vendor ($1,800) BeeMarWoon
Food & Drink Vendor ($1,800) Chocolate & Spice Eatery
Food & Drink Vendor ($1,800) Ella's Lemonade
Food & Drink Vendor ($1,800) Hobie Pop Kettle Corn
Food & Drink Vendor ($1,800) Holy Smoke!
Food & Drink Vendor ($1,800) Island Noodles
Food & Drink Vendor ($1,800) King of Pops
Food & Drink Vendor ($1,800) Kingston 30 Jamaican Restautrant
Food & Drink Vendor ($1,800) Lemonade Mixology
Food & Drink Vendor ($1,800) Olive's Jamaican Kitchen LLC
Food & Drink Vendor ($1,800) Puerco Loco & Caribbean Style Pina Colada
Food & Drink Vendor ($1,800) Romega Taqueria
Food & Drink Vendor ($1,800) Sage Grill
Food & Drink Vendor ($1,800) Seven Tap
Food & Drink Vendor ($1,800) Souq International Market
Food & Drink Vendor ($1,800) SUPER TACOS DANNYS
Food & Drink Vendor ($1,800) Sweet Chimney Bakery
Food & Drink Vendor ($1,800) teamo tea cafe
Food & Drink Vendor ($1,800) TROPICAL TREATS INC.
Food & Drink Vendor ($1,800) TydeTate Kitchen
Food & Drink Vendor ($1,800) Wan's Thai Kitchen
Food & Drink Vendor ($1,800) Yummy Place
Retail / Artisan Vendor ($550) African Bazaar LLc
Retail / Artisan Vendor ($550) Alchemy Body Werks
Retail / Artisan Vendor ($550) AromaSoy Candles
Retail / Artisan Vendor ($550) BaubblesN'more
Retail / Artisan Vendor ($550) Beauty's Wellness
Retail / Artisan Vendor ($550) Bliss and Sparrow Skin Care
Retail / Artisan Vendor ($550) Cam Swank
Retail / Artisan Vendor ($550) Chocoparadise LLC
Retail / Artisan Vendor ($550) Color My Day, Inc
Retail / Artisan Vendor ($550) Color Street
Retail / Artisan Vendor ($550) Creations Best
Retail / Artisan Vendor ($550) Daily grit
Retail / Artisan Vendor ($550) Fernz Creationz
Retail / Artisan Vendor ($550) Gitts Bajan Pepper Sauce & Italian Ice
Retail / Artisan Vendor ($550) Jiaqi Wang
Retail / Artisan Vendor ($550) Jide Gear African Fashions
Retail / Artisan Vendor ($550) Justbuy Jewelry Co.
Retail / Artisan Vendor ($550) JZ Trading Corporation
Retail / Artisan Vendor ($550) King’s Treasure LLC
Retail / Artisan Vendor ($550) KLG Spice
Retail / Artisan Vendor ($550) last call sale inc.
Retail / Artisan Vendor ($550) Legend of the Turkblasian
Retail / Artisan Vendor ($550) Lipsense/Senegence
Retail / Artisan Vendor ($550) Malkia E
Retail / Artisan Vendor ($550) Meera's Boutique
Retail / Artisan Vendor ($550) Mestizo Accent, Ltd Co
Retail / Artisan Vendor ($550) msvimports
Retail / Artisan Vendor ($550) Paparazzi Accessories
Retail / Artisan Vendor ($550) Peruvian Stamp
Retail / Artisan Vendor ($550) Pharoahs MarketPlace
Retail / Artisan Vendor ($550) Precious Jewels
Retail / Artisan Vendor ($550) Saar collections
Retail / Artisan Vendor ($550) Salt Way Botanicals
Retail / Artisan Vendor ($550) Serendipitious Creations
Retail / Artisan Vendor ($550) Son K Lam
Retail / Artisan Vendor ($550) Song Huong Supreme Peanut Candy LLC
Retail / Artisan Vendor ($550) Sooni & Tommi - Korean Cosmetics Store
Retail / Artisan Vendor ($550) Soul Stone Junkie
Retail / Artisan Vendor ($550) Souq International Market
Retail / Artisan Vendor ($550) SowBlessed,LLC
Retail / Artisan Vendor ($550) The Kindred Market
Retail / Artisan Vendor ($550) The Raffia Boutique
Retail / Artisan Vendor ($550) TheBootyStore.Shop
Retail / Artisan Vendor ($550) Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry by Angela Johnson
Retail / Artisan Vendor ($550) Tugende Design
Retail / Artisan Vendor ($550) Vdovichenko Bee Farm
Retail / Artisan Vendor ($550) YUSO
Friday ONLY - Food & Drink Vendor ($620) Bhojanic
Friday ONLY - Food & Drink Vendor ($620) JOY MOUA
Saturday ONLY - Food & Drink Vendor ($930) JOY MOUA
Sunday ONLY - Food & Drink Vendor ($415) Daddy O'Brien's Irish Ice cream Pub
% All Food Vendors ($600 + percentage) Baklava Pastries
% All Food Vendors ($600 + percentage) Cairo cuisine
% All Food Vendors ($600 + percentage) Canada's Catering
% All Food Vendors ($600 + percentage) French Gourmet Bistro
% All Food Vendors ($600 + percentage) Ginger Yums LLc USA
% All Food Vendors ($600 + percentage) Island style jerk an tingz
% All Food Vendors ($600 + percentage) La Michoacana Loca
% All Food Vendors ($600 + percentage) Lao Street Foods, Inc.
% All Food Vendors ($600 + percentage) Ma's Irish Kitchen
% All Food Vendors ($600 + percentage) Matcha Cafe Maiko
% All Food Vendors ($600 + percentage) Miso Corny
% All Food Vendors ($600 + percentage) P and M Event Catering service
% All Food Vendors ($600 + percentage) Thai Esan
% All Food Vendors ($600 + percentage) Three Tikis
% All Food Vendors ($600 + percentage) Victoria's Waffles - Kozzina LLC
% All Food Vendors ($600 + percentage) Wat Buddha Bucha
% Vegan Vendor (Varied cost) Custom Cutie Cupcakes, LLC
% Vegan Vendor (Varied cost) Full Taste Vegan Restaurant
% Vegan Vendor (Varied cost) Gold Taco Bar
% Vegan Vendor (Varied cost) Grass VBQ Joint
% Vegan Vendor (Varied cost) saluvidable
% Vegan Vendor (Varied cost) Sconedd
% Vegan Vendor (Varied cost) Soul Vegetarian
% Vegan Vendor (Varied cost) The Junk Yard Vegan
% Vegan Vendor (Varied cost) The Veggie
% Vegan Vendor (Varied cost) Wraps To go
% Food Truck Vendors (Variable fee + percentage) Dragon Cupbop Korean truck
% Food Truck Vendors (Variable fee + percentage) Gyro Chef Mediterranean
Performer - Mainstage
Event Date: Oct 04 - 06
Performer - Mainstage
Category: Other
Deadline: Sep 28, 2019
The Atlanta International Night Market invites YOU to share your culture, passion, and talent in front of tens of thousands on our performance mainstage! The mission of the AINM Entertainment stage(s) is to highlight cultural performances from around the world. This includes singing, dancing, martial arts, puppetry, fire play, chanting, etc. While we encourage anyone and everyone to apply, the majority of the performance slots are allocated for authentic, international arts being shared by members of the international community / culture represented. Please read all information carefully and follow all instructions when filling out and submitting the application. Do not leave any area blank or assume we already have your information. The Entertainment Committee limits the overall number and type of performances for each event. Therefore, applications will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis. We strongly encourage potential performers to send completed applications as soon as possible as spaces will fill up quickly – we are only accepting around 45 performers for this event. We look forward to reviewing your application! This application is for PERFORMERS. There is no cost to apply. Process: 1) Submit application below. 2) Application will be reviewed by entertainment team. 3) You will receive an approval or regrets email to the address provided in your application within 1 month. 4) You will be sent the 2019 Performer's Handbook, as well as information on mandatory performer meetings. Please send any questions or concerns to, or text/call 770-722-1237.