Red Pines

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The trees of the Canadian Shield are able to live on seemingly nothing, hanging on to bare rocks, with very thin soil, in harsh conditions. And how beautiful they are. Pastel on Strathmore Watercolor Paper. This image is 17"H x 11"W area on the page. The finished piece measures 25 x 19" Framed in a bleached wood commercial gallery-style frame with a bone white mat. (Note: this piece was not permanently mounted when I photographed it, so the appearance of the mat may be slightly different.)

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CAD 350.00

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Length/Depth: 1.75 in
Width: 19.5 in
Height: 25.5 in
Length/Depth: 5 in
Width: 23.97 in
Height: 30 in


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Artist living and working in Toronto, making original art in acrylic and mixed media.

Susan G Abbott Fine Art

Welcome! I'm so pleased you have stopped in to see my art. It is a joy to create, and share my vision with others. *** HANDPRINTED LINOCUTs *** Linocut is a method of creating original prints that involves carving a design into a linoleum block, then inking the block and pressing it into paper. I have a collection of old topographical maps that I used to hike in the mountains of North America, and wanted to use these in my art making. So I have chosen to capture some of the fragile beauty of these natural spaces that will be lost if we do not stay focused on protecting the environment. IMPORTANT NOTE: These are small limited editions, NOT mechanical reproductions nor giclees. Edition sizes range from 7 to 13 pieces, and the plate will not be used again. *** PAINTINGS *** These acrylic + collage pieces on paper explore a mood, often named after a day of the week. For this show, I have the results of some weeks spent sketching on the Canadian Shield, a landscape that I am very drawn to. Please do connect if you have any questions. And if you can stop by the Tent Tour, you can see many of these pieces in real life. If you are in Toronto, I can also arrange a porch visit. If we have learned anything from this pandemic, it is that our personal environments matter a lot. Art gave me a great deal of solace. I hope these pieces give you the same. Thank you for stopping by this page.


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Red Pines
Red Pines
Susan G Abbott Fine Art
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