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Gearshift pen, made with various woods or acrylics. Gearshift pen, made with various woods or acrylics.

Gearshift pen, made with various woods or acrylics.

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One of these Gearshift pens would an ideal gift for any car enthusiast or auto mechanic and will quickly become their favorite pen. It is well balanced for writing and the details put into the workings of it abound. The ink refill extension mechanism design is based off a five-speed H pattern shifter (plus reverse!) and can be shifted just like the real thing! The writing tip is only extended out the point of the pen when it is in low (first or second) gear. The cap features a car tire and rim complete with tread and 8-spoked hubcap. The tip features the same tire tread as the cap as well as grooves closer to the end of the tip to make for easier gripping of the writing end. The shifter handle includes an etched five-speed pattern. And the pocket clip is shaped to look like an industrialized crowbar and is attached to the body of the pen with two small screws. Uses a popular Parker style refill, available at any office supply store. I believe the stabilized woods are either buckeye or boxelder although it could be maple. In other words, I don't know but they look cool. :-) The stabilized wood was sanded smooth then finished with several coats of CA glue buffed into the wood to a medium shine. The wood was sanded to a smooth finish then finished with several coats of CA glue, and buffed to a medium shine. The normal wood was finished with a sanding sealer then a friction polish. The acrylic pen wase finished with an acrylic friction polish to a high shine.

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Length/Depth: 8 in
Width: 2 in
Height: 2 in


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Please note that I'm in Sioux Falls, SD and so any local pickup would need to be here. My family has been making crafts and selling them at craft shows for over 30 years. We have met lots of fantastic people during that time. This is the first time we've set up at a virtual event so I didn't know how to display my items. To that end, I placed several similar but different items under most of my listings. So if an item looks interesting, please take a closer look at the page for that item because you may find just what you want hiding in the variations.

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Gearshift pen, made with various woods or acrylics.
Gearshift pen, made with various woods or acrylics.
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