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Deer hunter Bolt action .30 caliber pen made with deer antler. Deer hunter Bolt action .30 caliber pen made with deer antler.

Deer hunter Bolt action .30 caliber pen made with deer antler.

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You are looking at a listing of some of my deer hunter pens. These bolt action pens are in antique brass, pewter, or copper, made with deer antler. The pen is sized to a replica 30 caliber casing and bullet. I am posting 3 pictures of each pen, a full pic of the pen followed by 2 pics of closeups of various parts of the antler. At the end of the pictures will be a couple close-ups of the hardware of a representative pen so you can see the detail in the metal parts. Other features of the pen include the tip is shaped like a 30 caliber bullet, the metal part next to the tip has 2 deer heads cut in the metal. Above the body of the pen, the upper metal part is shaped like a 30 caliber casing, complete with ejection rings around the casing. The clip is shaped like a open sight, with a buck deer head on the clip. The clicker mechanism is shaped like a bolt action of a rifle. The end of the "casing" has a replica primer in it. The point is extended by pushing the bolt toward the tip and in to the notch and to retract just reverse that action. The pen uses a Parker style refill. When a refill is needed you just unscrew the tip and replace it just make sure you put the spring back on the new refill then just screw the tip back on the pen. You should be able to find these refills at an office supply store near you. The tip of the pen is a rose/copper color. The antler was sanded to 600 grit, then finished with several layers of CA glue buffed into the antler, polishing it to a medium shine. Please note that I was able to turn the antler on some of them in such a way so as to leave a small part of the exterior of the antler exposed. Thus, the surface of the antler isn't smooth, as it has some indentations where the exterior of the antler is exposed. This adds to the uniqueness of the pen. This can be seen in a couple of the close-ups. The pen is about 5.25 inches long retracted.

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Height: 2 in


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Deer hunter Bolt action .30 caliber pen made with deer antler.
Deer hunter Bolt action .30 caliber pen made with deer antler.
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