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BeREGGAE Festival (Formerly known as Atlanta Reggae in the Park) established in 2013, has organically grown into the largest free reggae festival in the country with the simple belief that: Quality will equal Quantity By putting our focus on... + More

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September 2023 Other
This festival was advertised as rain or shine, as a vendor I thought this would be a great opportunity to make money instead I was robbed from the opportunity due to organizers being unprofessional, told us they cancelled because of rain even though you advertised rain or shine basically saying whatever to get peoples money but I got proof that there was issues with them not having the proper security. My total loss was around $5,500
Jodi Melissa
August 2023 Other
I've done several events in Piedmont Park and always had a pleasant experience. This was not the case with Bereggae 2023. The festival was extremely chaotic. Due to greed for collecting excessive rent, the event was extremely overcrowded with vendors. Tents were on both sides of the main street and very close together. There were 50+ food vendors and over 100+ retail, many of them selling the same thing. All the retail vendors were put on the grass which quickly turned to mud making it difficult for customers to patronize the booths and causing damage to fixtures and merchandise. To make it worse, there were very few attendees and the entertainment that was promised never ensued. There were no major musicians that were named and the sparse audience was bored. No precautions were made bad weather and the selfish organizers used this as an excuse to cancel the final day causing the vendors to lose a lot of money. I do not recommend this event or this organizer! Will never return.
August 2023 Visitor
The coordinators were extremely unorganized. They charged incredibly high fees. They refused to pay the city police to work the last day of the event, the only day of pure sunshine we were guaranteed. They basically robbed over 100 businesses, families, and individuals. Their choices do not reflect their mission of empowerment. All the vendors I spoke to lost a lot of money and felt completely let down. I don’t recommend this festival for anyone. Felt like a lowkey scam.


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