Stooge Updates January 2018 |
Plantastic Events
Plantastic Events podcast launched in January! A big thanks to all our guest speakers: Asif Lakhani, Darrah Brustein, and Justin Goodwin!

Look out for upcoming topics including: improve your search engine marketing, manage dance-related events, learn to be a confident speaker, event security, and so much more!

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The Beginning of Stooge
The idea for Stooge originated after attending an event organized by Aly's sister. She used Ticketmaster for her event but was frustrated because Ticketmaster only provided her with ticket registrations and charged significant fees. It gave her no options for sponsors or vendors registration. She also wanted something to improve engagement with the attendees during the event but had nothing to help her. We realized we had to help and Stooge was the best way. We went through a thorough customer discovery process to gain a deeper understanding of the industry. We spoke close to a thousand people in the event industry and decided to build Stooge. Our mission is simple. We want to support event organizers so that they can create memories of a lifetime.

Our users come first in everything we do. We work hard to deliver the best product to our customers and we constantly seek their feedback to improve our products and services. Don't wait up and join today.
Featured Update: Ticket Kiosk
You can now register, sell tickets, and charge fees at the gate by using our state-of-the-art kiosk system. The new kiosk system is easily accessible under the ticket section and can be used through an phone, tablet, or PC.
Product Updates
  • Sponsorship applications are now included in the platform
  • Vendor applications are now included in the platform
  • Ticketing widget can be added to any site without any coding
  • Customer management page was created to create a list of audience
  • Issue tickets directly to your audience
  • Location mapping and event design is now included
  • Add kiosk to your events