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The "Albrea Nurture" Luxury Handmade Crib Throw The "Albrea Nurture" Luxury Handmade Crib Throw

The "Albrea Nurture" Luxury Handmade Crib Throw

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Over 12 square yards of custom made extremely soft fabric is handmade into this unique crib throw. The texture and feel is designed to make an extremely soft, snuggly blanket for your baby, and a luxurious look for your nursery décor. A favorite as it calms and comforts both children and babies. 29" x48" flat, 59" x 94" stretched.

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Length/Depth: 48 in
Width: 29 in
Height: 2 in
Length/Depth: 8 in
Width: 8 in
Height: 8 in


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For mother-daughter Laurie Hansen and Rachelle Albrecht, their artistic abilities and life experiences in their nurturing professions as a nurse midwife and as an educator, have brought them to the creation of comforting and healing throws, cocoons, wraps and scarves. Though not formally trained in the art of fiber, their artistic abilities speak for themselves in their handmade and high quality works of care. One of the goals of the designers is to help the user calm themselves in a simple and natural way. Using trapped air for warmth, it also creates a rich texture that is beautiful for your home décor.

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The "Albrea Nurture" Luxury Handmade Crib Throw
The "Albrea Nurture" Luxury Handmade Crib Throw
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