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Flower Ring made with Recycled Coffee Capsules Nespresso Flower Ring made with Recycled Coffee Capsules Nespresso

Flower Ring made with Recycled Coffee Capsules Nespresso

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Andrea De Navarrete Art jewelry designer Andrea De Navarrete creates unique and authentic design pieces for her two Jewelry collections; Contemporary Jewelry made with semiprecious stone and Sustainable Jewelry designs with recycled materials. She was born in Argentina but is currently based in Miami, Florida. Andrea De Navarrete studied Social Communication at the University of Buenos Aires and holds a Master in Institutional Communication. She has worked in press and public relations for Pepsi Cola and General Motors. However, after a couple of years, she realized that her passion was somewhere else and thus started a second career in Contemporary Jewelry Design, which she complemented with further studies in precious and semiprecious stones, headgear workshops, Mexican embroidery, sequins, among others. She explains that she is passionate about learning and is constantly looking for new opportunities to broaden her skill set. Despite the shift in her profession, her interest in non-verbal communication remains strong. A firm believer in the idea that “everything holds meaning”, her designs stand out for their unique and thoughtful nature. Making use of recycled materials, such as Nespresso coffee capsules and plastic bags, she creates sustainable fashion pieces that are a statement by themselves. She also works with crystals and precious stones. Andrea de Navarrete moved from Buenos Aires to Miami in 2015, an opportunity that allowed her to expand her knowledge and improve her craft at the New York Institute of Art + Design. It was not only a fresh start but also a challenging one. Thanks to her participation in multiple art shows, her brand was gradually established and her clientele grew. Through her brand, ADNJewelry, the Argentine entrepreneur offers a wide range of products, including but not limited to necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, and clothing. Her work is extremely personalized to fit her clients’ needs and best interests. Her focus on sustainable materials is not limited to the final products, instead, it is present throughout her process. Since the very beginning of her business, she has been recycling and using fashion magazines to create bags and envelopes as packaging for her products. Now she receives bags of used Nespresso capsules, a material she learned to work on her own and transform into sophisticated jewelry pieces and clothing. Some of her most ambitious projects include a dress with 2,560 capsules and a cape with 1,580, just to name a few. She said that “I always had the idea that the last disposal may not necessarily be the last use of an object”, a belief that she was able to communicate to others.


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Flower Ring made with Recycled Coffee Capsules Nespresso
Flower Ring made with Recycled Coffee Capsules Nespresso

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