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Making an previous event not viewable

I have an annual event but I don't want last year's event to show up when people search for this year's event. How do I make a previous year's event invisible for search except by administrator?

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in Jacksonville, United States
Feb 01, 2023

Hey Alexa, The events all rank based on what is newest, so your most recent event will be much higher. However, if you're concerned and would still like to hide the old one completely we can do that for you manually.

Feb 06, 2023

thanks. I would like for you to remove them manually. Vidalia Onion Festival 2022 and Savor Vidalia 2022

in Norcross, Canada
Feb 16, 2023

Hi Alexa! Our engineers are getting this request handled for you, and shortly these events will no longer show up when your events are searched for.