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Vendor Application

Acworth Art Fest Food Vendor App

Deadline: Jun 15, 2020 11:00 pm
Date: Apr 04, 2020 10:00 am - Apr 05, 2020 5:00 pm
Acworth, Georgia

About the event

The popular Acworth Art Fest is a true celebration of whimsical and vibrant art in the historic downtown Acworth! We'll be celebrating our ninth year on Saturday and Sunday, August 15 & 16, 2020. To help ensure social distancing, the event will be held in nearby Logan Farm Park.The historic Main Street in downtown Acworth is within walking distance with restaurants and shops.Their... + More
Splash Festivals, Inc.
Splash Festivals, Inc.
Splash Festivals, Inc.
Splash Festivals, Inc.

About the application

In 2019, the festival drew an estimated 20,000 visitors over two days. • Food trucks and food tent vendors are welcome to apply. • Restricted categories are pizza and Cajun due to local restaurant menus. • We do not duplicate menus • Separate applications must be submitted for each food truck or food tent. • Only 20AMP circuits are available, so you may be required to... + More

Terms & Conditions

By applying to Acworth Art Fest 2020, you agree to the terms and conditions stated herein: Upon payment of all fees, Splash Festivals (Organizer) will issue a non-exclusive revocable license (the “License”) to Vendor for the use of a space located upon the Festival grounds as more particularly designated by, and which may be unilaterally relocated by Organizer (the... + More


10' x 7' cart $300 Carts that can fit into a 7' wide space should choose this option.
10' x 10' space no cooking $350 You are capable of operating your space within a 10' x 10' space without need for space beside or behind you. You don't have any frying or open flame cooking.
10' x 20' space cooking tent only $450 Choose this option if you need the full space, or need a 10' x 10' space with 10' behind you because you are cooking. Your tent must be rated flame resistant.
10' x 20' Food truck or trailer $450 Food trucks or trailers that can fit within 20' should choose this option.
10' x 25' Food truck or trailer $550 Food trucks or trailers greater than 20' and less than 25' in length should choose this option.
10' x 30' Food truck or trailer $650 Food trucks or trailers greater than 25' and less than 30' should choose this option.
20 AMP Outlet $100 20AMP circuit provided.

Questions on the application

Business information

  • Business name
  • Legal business name
  • Contact name
  • Address
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Website (Optional)
  • Logo (Optional)

Additional information

  • Facebook URL:
  • Is your set up a Food Truck, Food Trailer, Tent, or Cart?
  • What is your cooking method?
  • What type of fuel do you utilize?
  • If you are a food truck or food trailer and cook, do you have a fire supression system approved by NFPA?
  • Please select all of the categories your menu represents.
  • Please list all items available on your menu including beverages.
  • What is your average price per meal served?
  • What is the nameof your Servesafe manager?
  • Please provide references of names of events in which you have recently participated, contact names and contact information.
  • What comments would you like to provide to explain your menu or application?
  • Please upload a copy of your SafeServe certificate and also your certificate of insurance with Splash Festivals, Inc., 17 N Peachtree St., Norcross, GA 30071 listed as the certificate holder.

Picture requirements

  • Minimum pictures required: 3
  • Please attached a photo of your setup (cart, tent, truck or trailer) and two photos of your food. If you have a 30 or 50AMP plug, it must be uploaded here.
Acworth Art Fest Food Vendor App
Acworth Art Fest Food Vendor App
Acworth Art Fest
Application deadline has passed