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Ambassadors Program

Deadline: Nov 20, 2023 12:00 am (GMT-07:00) Mountain Time (US & Canada)
Date: Dec 09, 2023 12:00 pm - Dec 10, 2023 7:00 pm (MST)

About the event

Anime Wonder Festival is a 2-day Outdoor Anime & Japanese Food / Pop-Culture Festival. Anime takes over Tucson on December 9 and December 10 at Rillito Park Race Track in Tucson, AZ. The AW festival experience will be showcasing the arts with Exhibitors and Artist Vendors, Anime & Video Game Voice Actors, Japanese & Asian Food, Itasha Car Displays, Guest Cosplayers, Cosplay Competitions, A Saturday Night Rave, Main Stage Entertainment, Music, and more! Our festival breaks the barriers of a usual in-door Anime convention. Join us in the 2-day escape in fresh air and jump into the awesome world of Anime. TICKETS WILL NOT BE SOLD AT THE DOOR. MUST PURCHASE IN ADVANCE.
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About the application

Join the first launch of AW Ambassadors Program for a chance to earn $ for all referrals. Our ambassadors program is easy and works in the following steps:


Program Enrollment Steps:

  1. Apply for our program. You must be approved.
  2. Once approved, you will be provided a special coupon code

Earning and dispursements:

  1. Earn 10% of each sale + each customer will redeem 5% off of their ticket price (before taxes and fees). 
  2. When the event ends, you will be paid by Check, Stripe (if you have a stripe account) or Zelle.

Bonuses (only applies to Weekend Passes):

  1. Sell 20 weekend passes and earn one (1) FREE Weekend Pass
  2. Sell 50 weekend passes and earn an upgrade from Tier 1 to (1) VIP Weekend Pass
  3. Sell 150 weekend passes and earn Tier 2 + two (2) additional FREE Weekend Passes for friends & FREE Swag. Swag perks are only available for Ambassadors.
  4. Sell 200 weekend passes and earn Tier 2 & 3 + (2) Complimentary drink and meal bands for the weekend. Perks are available for Ambassadors + additional guests from tier 3.

Please note that all applications are subject for approval. Applying does not guarantee approval.

Terms & Conditions

Must be 18yrs or older. If under 18, a legal parent or guardian must apply on the applicants behalf.

Questions on the application

User information

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email
  • Gender
  • Birthday
  • Address

Additional information

  • Are you a cosplayer?
  • Any recent ambassador programs you have enrolled in? If so, where?
  • What are your social media links?
  • Are you local or based in Arizona? If not, what city & state?
  • Why do you feel you would fit best as one of our Ambassadors?
  • Your preferred payout menthod(s) if approved
  • Preferred Payment method details
Ambassadors Program
Ambassadors Program
Anime Wonder Festival 2023
Application deadline has passed