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2023 NCPF Pickle Eating Contest

Deadline: Apr 01, 2023 11:59 pm
Date: Apr 29, 2023 9:00 am - Apr 29, 2023 6:00 pm

About the event

Set in downtown Mount Olive, NC, the award-winning North Carolina Pickle Festival celebrates its most famous product - the humble pickle. The day is filled with 3 stages of live entertainment, free pickles, a classic car show, antique tractors, a pickle eating contest, free pickles, carnival rides, games and activities for children, did we mention free pickles? and so much more. Hours for the... + More
North Carolina Pickle Festival, Inc.
North Carolina Pickle Festival, Inc.
North Carolina Pickle Festival, Inc.
North Carolina Pickle Festival, Inc.

About the application

If Peter Piper ate his weight in Mt. Olive pickles, how many Mt. Olive pickles did Peter Piper eat? 


It doesn't really matter, does it? We want to know how many Mt. Olive pickles can YOU eat, and how quickly can you eat them!  If you think you have what it takes to win, register here for a chance to be selected for the 2023 North Carolina Pickle Festival's Pickle Eating Contest


The Pickle Eating Contest takes place at our main stage area on Saturday, April 29th at noon. Up to 24 contestants will be accepted to participate. Contestants will be selected from this pre-registration only.


For the contest, each participant will receive a tray of Mt. Olive whole Kosher Dills. Each tray will contain 20 pickles. Participants will be given 5 minutes to eat as many as they can.  A winner in each category, male and female, will be declared based on the number of pickles eaten. Partially eaten pickles will not count. All decisions made by event judges are final. Winners will receive a trophy and $100 cash.

Terms & Conditions

PLEASE NOTE: REGISTERING HERE DOES NOT GUARANTEE A SPOT IN THE CONTEST. By submitting this application, you will be entered for a chance to be selected for the contest. Participants will be chosen from the registration in advance and you must register here to be considered.


YOU MUST BE 18 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER TO PARTICIPATE.  Transportation to and from the festival, lodging and travel expenses will not be provided and are the responsibility of the contestant.  


Contestants selected for the contest will be notified by email and asked to confirm their attendance no later than April 15th, 2023. Alternate participants will also be selected from this list and asked to participate, if needed. All contestants will be required to sign the Release to Organizers and Sponsors to be considered and/or to participate. 

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2023 NCPF Pickle Eating Contest
2023 NCPF Pickle Eating Contest
2023 North Carolina Pickle Festival