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Colleen Williams Clay Colleen Williams Clay
Pattern Pendant #4 Pattern Pendant #4

Pattern Pendant #4

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These beautiful pendants are kind of like mini art tiles for the body. So easy to wear, they can be worn singly or mix and match with other favorite necklaces. Made of hand-colored porcelain, each pendant is hung by two anodized niobium jump rings, threaded onto a leather cord, finished with Sterling Silver end caps and a "lobster claw" type of clasp. This pendant bob measures 1 1/4" on its longest side (vertically), 3/4" in width and sits on a black leather cord that measures 20 1/2".in length. Pendant is signed on the back. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind, made by rolling a slab of porcelain, applying colored porcelain slips and creating a design by painting it in shellac, after the clay hardens. Using a sponge and water, I can etch into the clay. removing the slip layers as desired, leaving a raised design. After the initial firing to burn off the shellac, I use underglaze pigments to add extra color! The pendant has a clear gloss glaze applied to its top, to protect and enhance.

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Length/Depth: 20.5 in
Width: 0.75 in
Height: 1.25 in


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Pattern Pendant #4
Pattern Pendant #4
Colleen Williams Clay

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