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Shoreline Birch Shoreline Birch

Shoreline Birch

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- I have been painting on metal (aluminum, copper, steel) for 4-5 years now.  It's a different experience for me and a different perspective for the viewer.  The objective is to use the metal's properties to best advantage - Aluminum takes on the colour of the light hitting it, steel (and its rust) add strength.  All pieces are protected with a varnish coating

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CAD 2,400.00

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Length/Depth: 1.75 in
Width: 43 in
Height: 24 in


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Jamie MacLean Fine Art

I paint landscapes - oil on canvas or acrylic on metal, focusing primarily on the shield, Georgian Bay, the parks and cottage areas of Ontario and the valleys and green spaces in Toronto. I am primarily a studio painter as I tend towards the larger canvas sizes. Paintings should be more than just a pretty picture. For my paintings I draw on my own experiences and adventures and through my paintings I relive my feelings associated with the scene I am painting. Recreating that scene leads to other memories of that same or similar adventure. Overall a pleasant experience. I focus on the energy, emotion and dynamics of the scene through texture, shadows and colour. I have transitioned to using my palette knife for the majority of my work taking advantage of impact of texture in my paintings. Recently I have added aluminum pieces to my work. The reflective properties of the aluminum create an ever changing landscape as the day changes.


Shoreline Birch
Shoreline Birch
Jamie MacLean Fine Art
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