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Spider with web sculpture Spider with web sculpture

Spider with web sculpture

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This arachnid sculpture is like nothing you've ever seen. I use screwdrivers as the abdomen, coil nails for legs, and a lugnut for the cephalotorax. This sculpture is welded to a shelf bracket. It has holes in the bracket for easy hanging! I find most of my materials in junkyards, metal recycling centers, thrift stores and flea markets. I am usually hunting shapes, sometimes I find an item that needs to be turned into something else! When I am in create mode, I walk around my workshop, where I have all the materials organized, and I just see what could be, get an idea and get started. I begin by designing in my mind, find the parts that fit and let it flow. I use old tools, kitchen items, car parts, and other scrap metal. I don’t clean parts before creation; all materials are used in their found state. I typically start by building the frame, then I puzzle out what parts fit into the shape. Sometimes I have to cut parts with my plasma cutter and occasionally I will use a torch to soften and bend a stubborn piece, then I use a wire fed mig welder to weld all the pieces into place.

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Husband and wife team! We contrive animal sculptures from scrap metal. Josh has been creating since he was a child, he just sees what can be and digs in! Along the way he met Tiffany, fell in love and started teaching her how to "see" things in metal too! Today they travel the country selling their work at art shows.


Spider with web sculpture
Spider with web sculpture
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