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16in Cloth Napkins ~ Citrus Blooms, Set of 4 16in Cloth Napkins ~ Citrus Blooms, Set of 4

16in Cloth Napkins ~ Citrus Blooms, Set of 4

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Super soft! These sets of 4 eco-friendly napkins are always a hit with guests! They're also great for wrapping small gifts, or just to up your hankie game. 100% cotton, 16.25 x 17in, hemmed. The patterns on each variation in the set are different, but they were all tied and dyed as a group in the same colors, so they coordinate beautifully. No prints or reproductions here -- every piece we sell is unique, hand-tied and dyed using high-quality Procion dyes from Dharma Trading Co. Unlike other dyes that sit on top of the fabric and eventually fade with wear, Procion dye bonds with the fabric on a molecular level, so the color you love endures wash, after wash, after wash! Each napkin has been washed to remove excess dye, but there may still be a little color transfer in the first few washes. Always wash with like colors; do not bleach. You can extend the life of your one-of-a-kind piece by using cold water, delicate cycle, and drying on low heat or hanging to dry. These napkins are lightweight, so we recommend putting them in a delicates bag if you're tumble-drying. The beauty is in the variations! Ice-dyeing creates incredible depth and variety of colors, which may or may not come through on all screens. If color-matching is important to you, please contact us for a swatch of the color in question.

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Length/Depth: 17 in
Width: 16.25 in
Height: 0 in
Length/Depth: 11 in
Width: 9 in
Height: 2 in


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Green Dot Dyes is a Morrisville-based fabric art workshop and 5-star rated Etsy shop that specializes in tie-dye and ice-dye methods to create original tapestries, apparel, gifts, and home goods. Custom requests are welcome.

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16in Cloth Napkins ~ Citrus Blooms, Set of 4
16in Cloth Napkins ~ Citrus Blooms, Set of 4
Green Dot Dyes
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