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Vanilla Infused Honey (16 oz) Vanilla Infused Honey (16 oz)

Vanilla Infused Honey (16 oz)

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Comes in a 1 pound class jar. One pound jar picture not available (picture shows 3 oz jar). Fresh Madagascar and Mexican vanilla beans steeped with vanilla-infused raw honey create this super smooth texture with an intoxicatingly rich aroma and flavor. Excellent on cheese, meat, salad and bread, this gourmet honey turns ordinary foods into a memorable experience. Raw honey is the ultimate alternative to processed sugar. Its super high enzyme count promotes digestive health, fights premature signs of aging and helps regulate blood pressure. It also provides a natural energy boost with high nutritional value. Vanilla is a strong immunity booster and antioxidant that aids in digestion, lowering cholesterol and treating coughs. Make Vanilla Infused Honey part of your daily diet.

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Vanilla Infused Honey (16 oz)
Vanilla Infused Honey (16 oz)
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