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Hello. We are Cynthia and Britt - a Mom and Daughter team! As artists, we are two creators who find inspiration in the beauty and colors of the world around us. Our work reflects our love for fantasy and animals, with one of us drawn to the... + More

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1 available
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Sold- Back to the Sea
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Early Risers
1 available
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Peacock Tree
1 available
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Sold- Love on the Beach
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My Day at the Beach
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The Girl That Changed Me
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Shedding Magic
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Not Everything is Black & White
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Tiki Leo
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1 available
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Goddess Tree at Dawn SOLD
My Happy Place - sold
Sunset Resin Tray- SOLD
Grow Old With Me #1 SOLD
Dock in Moonlight SOLD
Moonlight Sonata SOLD
Two Blue Planets #1-SOLD
SOLD -The Heart of the Tree Remembers
Peacock Tree #2 -sold
Dragon's Breath Lights the Sun - SOLD
A Secret Place - Sold
SOLD ..One Second Before the Big Bang
Fairy Tree - Sold
An Ancient World- sold
Goddess Tree Blue Water SOLD
Goddess Tree at Moonrise SOLD
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