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2024 WTC Hoolaulea Food Vendor Application

Deadline: Feb 16, 2024 9:00 pm (GMT-10:00) Hawaii
Date: Feb 17, 2024 6:00 pm - Feb 25, 2024 4:00 pm (HST)
Waimea, Hawaii

About the event

The Waimea Town Celebration events cover a range of elements; Cultural Practitioners(Kaumuali'i Lu'au),Concert(Music in the Park, 2 day Hoolaule'a), Sports(6-man Canoe regatta, basketball tournaments, 2k-5k-10k races), Food and Spirits showcase(Kauai Cocktails and Cuisine and Hoolaule'a), Waimea Film Festival(HIFF Hana Hou), Contests/Competition(Hat Lei, Ukulele, Ice-cream eating, Hot dog eating, Spam Musubi eating, Kauai Kimchee eating), Child/Family friendly(Tales and Treats, Whacky Crazy rides-Hoolaulea), Recognizing/Honoring(Ambassador of Aloha), Rodeo(Kauai High School Rodeo Association Rodeo), Kauai Products(Kauai Cocktails and Cuisine, Music in the Park,Vendor Hoolaule'a)
Historic Waimea Theater and Cultural Arts Center
Historic Waimea Theater and Cultural Arts Center
Historic Waimea Theater and Cultural Arts Center
Historic Waimea Theater and Cultural Arts Center

About the application

Food Vendor Application Form – $1,400 Booth Fee and Application must be completely filled out and submitted, a completed Application For Temporary Food Establishment Permit, full payment will be charged by Friday, January 26, 2024 or at time of approval. All booth fees received become non-refundable on or after January 26, 2024. The primary purpose of Waimea Town Celebration is to give non-profit organizations a means to raise funds for their activities in our community and therefore food vendors are reserved exclusively for non-profit entities.

Terms & Conditions

Additional Rules for ParticipationI/we understand and my organization/business agrees to the following:-Any cancellation must be made in writing and emailed by January 26, 2024. There are no refunds for cancellations after this date.-Waimea Town Celebration will take place rain or shine. No rain date will be provided.-The Health Department’s “Application for Temporary Food Establish Permit” is completed and accompanies this application.-$250 may be redeemed if volunteer support is provided by my organization/business towards event coordination and all necessary clean-up is performed upon checkout. (Please do not leave cardboard boxes, cut zip ties or trash behind.)-Provide proper signage on our booth and take care of our own trash.-Staff your booth for both days during the advertised hours of operation (Friday from 4:30 pm to 11:00 pm and Saturday from 10:00 am to 11:00 pm.)-Vehicles must be removed from vendor areas 30 minutes prior to advertised hours of operation. There is no reserved parking at the Historic Waimea Mill Site and a limited number of parking passes will be assigned on a first come, first served basis (by date of submitted application and deposit/fees) in the West Kauai Tech and Visitor Center’s parking lot. -Keeping our area (in front and in back of booth) clean throughout hours of operation and understand that all items must stay within the confines of the tent. No overflow will be allowed into the walkways.-No alcoholic beverages are allowed outside of the Beer Garden or in vendor areas.-Although security is provided during advertised hours of operation and overnight on Friday, we assume all risk of theft of any item or equipment left unattended.-HWT&CAC does not guarantee food sales and is not responsible for any loss.-ALL PAPER GOODS WILL BE COMPOSTABLE, FAILURE TO COMPLY ORGANIZATION WILL BE REFUSED PARTICIPATION NEXT YEAR.-I understand and/or my organization/business agrees to assume all risk and injuries arising out of or resulting from the use of the facilities and/or properties located thereon. And further, to make no claim whatsoever for injuries against Historic Waimea Theater & Cultural Arts Center (HWT&CAC), Kikiaola Land Company, County of Kauai, HTA, its agents or employees, arising as or resulting from the use of any booth(s), buildings, grounds, real property or personal property located thereon. I/we shall be personally responsible on behalf of myself and/or my organization/business for any damages sustained to the grounds, buildings or equipment because of the occupancy of said premises by myself and/or organization/business. I/we agree to abide by and enforce the rules, regulations and policies of Waimea Town Celebration as stated in this Application.-All workers/volunteers are required to register for the WTC Health Passport on the Waimea Town Celebration website. All workers will be scanned for compliance. Also, all staff will observe State and County mandates regarding Covid-19 protocols at the time of event.By submitting, you acknowledge that you have read this form in its entirety and understand/agree to its terms and conditions.


Single Booth Space $1,400 Non-refundable HWT&CAC will supply the 10’x20’ booth, selling counter, lights (1 each), table and bench. Vendors are responsible for removal of their own trash, tables and chairs. All other furnishings are the responsibility of the Vendor. Additional tables can be rented for $7.00 each and if requests are made below at the time this Application is submitted. Electrical service will not be provided for appliances other than the (1) allowed receptacle and portable generators are not allowed.
Table $7 Non-refundable 3'x6' wooden Table
Benches $2 Non-refundable
Outlet $0 Non-refundable You will be given one (1) 20 amp circuit to run one (1) electrical appliance. We encourage you to use propane appliances as much as possible and coolers rather than refrigeration to ensure that your service is not disrupted by overloading the circuit. Please list each and every appliance that you think you need so that we can review and advise you prior to the event.

Questions on the application

Business information

  • Business name
  • Legal business name
  • Contact name
  • Address
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Website (Optional)
  • Logo (Optional)

Additional information

  • Organization Background
  • Mission of Organization (example: to develop and deliver quality programs that promote a fun, family environment based on positive coaching, good sportsmanship and player development.)
  • Please provide a list of ALL items that you wish to sell. (Attach another sheet, if necessary.) Be specific as possible. Items not listed on this application may be sold at the Waimea Town Celebration Hoolaulea event. We wish to have the greatest variety possible with no duplication to give everyone a chance to earn money. HWT&CAC reserves the exclusive rights to all beverage sales at this event. Food vendors will need to comply with all Department of Health requirements.
  • Special Requests
  • Donating Food Tickets for Promotional Marketing of your Group
  • Please tell us what your organization is raising money for
  • Upload your approved DOH Food Permit
  • Please upload your completed W9
2024 WTC Hoolaulea Food Vendor Application
2024 WTC Hoolaulea Food Vendor Application
2024 Waimea Town Celebration
Application deadline has passed