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Alcohol Vendor

Deadline: Aug 07, 2023 11:59 pm (GMT-04:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Date: Aug 11, 2023 6:00 pm - Aug 11, 2023 9:00 pm (EDT)
Duluth, Georgia

About the event

Chalk Art Festival
City of Duluth
City of Duluth
City of Duluth
City of Duluth

About the application

This application is for all vendors who are selling a product or service. If you are looking to promote your brand only, please apply under the Business Vendor Application. The event has an average attendance of 2,500-4,000 people weekly. Approved applicants will be selected based on event needs, application date submitted and availability. If weather becomes a factor, the event will not be canceled until the actual day of the event. You will then be contacted by a City official to let you know of any changes/cancellations. Please note this is an application. You will be contacted by a City Event Staff Member if you are selected as a vendor. Applications will be considered based on the date received.

Terms & Conditions

The per-event fee will be charged to the card on file 2-3 days before each event. This fee must be paid before you are allowed to participate in the event. Weather related refunds are up to the discretion of the events team and you will be notified of any changes to the schedule. Vendor Requirements: 1. Must arrive by 4:30PM at event location. 2. Vendor must be kind and courteous to all customers as it is a reflection on the City of Duluth.
Vendor Requirements:
1.) Must arrive by 4:30PM at event location. 
2.) Vendor must be kind and courteous to all customers as it is a reflection on the City of Duluth Vendor Booth Requirements: (All vendors must provide the following items)
1.) One (1) 10X10 Tent with proper weights (no staking)
2.) At least one (1) six (6) foot table
3.) Booth Supplies necessary to accomplish task. (chair, extension cords, lighting, table cloth, etc.) Staking is not permitted, all vendors must provide weights for their tents.
Vendors Are Allowed:
1.) Up to three (3) six (6) foot long tables to place under a 10X10 tent
2.) Up to three (3) employees. Please reach out for special circumstances. 3.) Generator – must be quiet in nature so not to disturb other vendors or the event. Please Note: Items forgotten will not be provided by the City of Duluth. If additional space is needed, please indicate what is needed to allow City officials time to make the necessary arrangements.
3.) You must provide your own tent, table, chairs, extension cords and table cloth.
4.) You must submit pictures of your product along with this application.
Approval Process: Approved applications will be selected based on the following:
1.) Application submission date
2.) Application completion
3.) Products or items sold/promoted
4.) Duplicate vendors will not be allowed at event unless advised by the city of specific functions
5. All applicants must submit vendor booth photos
6.) All vendors must submit a “menu” of what is being offered/sold at the event along with a price list
7.) Applicants must supply proper documentation prior to event (i.e. business license, proper permitting)
8.) Alcohol vendors must supply catering permitting and will be required to fill our Duluth permitting.
Please read the following carefully:
1.) Vendors are not allowed to leave their booths unattended during an event. You may only be 3 feet from your booth at any given time.
2.) Vendors are not allowed to “walk” the event to pass out marketing materials. You may give out materials if guest approach your booth
3.) Generators must be quiet/inverter. Out of respect for our local businesses, vendors with loud generators will be asked to leave the event.
4.) Vendors who arrive after 4:30PM will not be allowed into the event and will forfeit their vendor payment for the event
5.) Vendors who cancel or no-show two times will forfeit fees already paid and will be removed from the lineup for the remainder of the event season
6.) If you cancel forty-eight (48) hours in advance, you may receive an alternate date to attend the event if one is available, cancellations with less than (48) notice will not be offered an alternate event date or an alternate date.
7.) Our events take place outside and Mother Nature can become a factor. If the weather becomes unsafe, event staff will make the call to cancel or reschedule on the day of the event. You will be contacted by a city event staff member if there are changes or cancellations. All vendors affected by a “rain date” will be offered an alternate date (based on availability) or their money back.
8.) If a vendor is observed selling product(s) that were not approved on the vendor application or by event staff, the vendor will be asked to stop selling immediately and will be considered in violation of the vendor agreement and face possible removal from the event.
9.) All vendors will be notified by an event attendant when it is safe to drive in the event area. Driving in the event area before the road is cleared by an event attendant is prohibited and vendors will face possible exclusion from all future events. This is a safety hazard that we expect all of our vendors to abide by.
10.) Vendor violations are taken very seriously and will be addressed promptly and appropriately.
11.) All vendors must show respect to the community “our customers” and the event staff. As a vendor, you are now the image of Duluth and bad behavior, violence, harassment, rude or disrespectful behavior is grounds for immediate removal from the event, loss of vendor payment and a police escort if deemed necessary.


Alcohol Vendor Fee $150 Non-refundable This option is for Alcohol Vendors. Fees will be processed 2-3 days preceding the approved Fridays-N-Duluth event.
Alcohol Vendors with a Duluth Business License $75 Non-refundable This options is for Alcohol Vendors with a Duluth Business License. Fees will be processed 2-3 days preceding the approved Fridays-N-Duluth event.

Questions on the application

Business information

  • Business name
  • Legal business name
  • Contact name
  • Address
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Website (Optional)
  • Logo (Optional)

Additional information

  • I have read and I understand all the policies laid out in the application.
  • Please upload a list of products you will be selling along with pricing
  • Please indicate how much space you will need.
  • Upload your Business License.
  • Upload a photo of your booth.
  • Please check all dates you are interested in attending.
  • Please indicate if you will need power.
  • If you checked "Yes", please indicate what you need power for.
  • All Vendors are required are required to attend our vendor interst meeting. If you have not done so, please email to recieve a link to this presentation. Applications will be rejected if this has not been completed within 7 days of applying. Have you attended the vendor interest meeting?
  • Please include your facebook and instagram usernames/links so we can tag your business when appropriate.
Alcohol Vendor
Alcohol Vendor
Chalk Art Festival
Application deadline has passed